Tullamore Estate

by koodoz • Uploaded: May. 31 '09
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Description: Approved logo for new Australian winery. More detail to come. Update 9/3/2010 - This logo has just been selected to be featured in LogoLounge's 2010 Logo Trends. Update 20/4/2010 - This logo has just been selected to be featured in Logo Lounge Volume 6.

As seen on: Koodoz Design

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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m1sternoname said on Jun. 01 '09

The name reminds me of one of my favorite whiskey brands: Tullamore Dew.

koodoz said on Jun. 01 '09

@m1sternoname: Yeah, I came across that beverage during the R&D of this logo.

sergiu.lazin said on Jun. 01 '09

Mrs Eaves. I love the font. it has such lovely ligs. Also, it looks custom made every time.

OcularInk said on Jun. 01 '09

I agree, Mrs. Eaves is a beautiful font. Interesting approach here.

koodoz said on Jun. 01 '09

Good eye Sergiu and Kevin. Indeed Mrs. Eaves is very attractive :P

koodoz said on Jun. 03 '09

@nima.jazireh - Thanks a bunch for the awesome compliment! :)

grigoriou said on Jun. 03 '09

gosh this is really beautiful

fogra said on Jun. 03 '09

I really like your use of jockey colours.

koodoz said on Jun. 03 '09

@grigoriou - "gosh" put a smile on my dial - always reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.

Thanks to you and Sean for the praise.

koodoz said on Jun. 03 '09

Sean, I'm really excited about the possibilities of applying the jockey silk pattern across the rest of their collateral. Could make for a very cool wine label too!!

fogra said on Jun. 03 '09

Great. I would love to see that as I'm sure it would really stand out on the shelf.

designabot said on Jun. 03 '09

wow. very unique mate

andreiu said on Jun. 19 '09

this is so funky! me likey

koodoz said on Jun. 22 '09

Thanks all for the positive feedback!

topfuel said on Jul. 05 '09

Yes, VSOP.

koodoz said on Jul. 07 '09

Thanks topfuel - I have no idea what VSOP stands for, but I'll take it as a compliment :)

michaelspitz said on Feb. 15 '10

The pattern on this guy is fantastic! Love to see it riding on a bottle! :)

koodoz said on Feb. 15 '10

Me too.

The client has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth and I've never had a chance to apply it to anything :(

ethereal said on Feb. 15 '10

Now that is a lot of fun.

koodoz said on Mar. 09 '10

This logo has just been selected to be featured in LogoLounge's 2010 Logo Trends and amazingly I've finally managed to reach the client (they were ill) and working with this logo should commence soon... Yay!

firebrand said on Mar. 09 '10

Congrats. Thats three Logoponders this year and two last year.

ru_ferret said on Mar. 09 '10

that's great, Marc, congrats!

fogra said on Mar. 09 '10

Yes indeed. This is a real favourite of mine too.

devey said on Mar. 09 '10

That's hot!

michaelspitz said on Mar. 09 '10

^^^^Excellent news Marc! We shall see it on that bottle yet! :)

wizemark said on Sep. 15 '10

Is there says `gallery stuff` under the name?

koodoz said on Sep. 17 '10

Hey wizemark, I'm not sure I understand what you mean... :)

raja said on Sep. 17 '10

I missed this... it's brilliant and congratz on the LL spot!

matjak said on Sep. 17 '10

Absolutely awesome. Can't wait to see this brand on shelves at the local bottlo! Well done : )

pierro said on Sep. 17 '10

nice again, Marc! :)

firebrand said on Sep. 18 '10

Front page at last.

wizemark said on Sep. 18 '10

Gods do, Marc. :) Glad to see this piece of art in the gallery..

fogra said on Sep. 18 '10

'bout time indeed.

koodoz said on Sep. 18 '10

Thanks for the comments peeps :)

Mikeymike said on Sep. 18 '10

this took too long to show up on the front page. great work..

cerise said on Sep. 18 '10

Nice, it's one of those logos that you don't forget.

mabu said on Sep. 19 '10

This one has a very vibrant and memorable feel to it. Well done. The type could need some love tho.

oronoz ® said on Sep. 19 '10

Fantastic work Marc!!

Mad Skimo said on Sep. 20 '10

Wow! This is great! Vibrant colors and strong mark.

iakhan said on Sep. 20 '10

I love the concept..

AlexWende said on Sep. 23 '10

very uniqe! love it

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