Caveman Entertainment

by brandclay • Uploaded: May. 29 '09
Gallerized May. '09 2a0b6247b00c12755aa4062f5b954c60.png

Description: Unused logo proposal from previous company.

As seen on: penflare

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: silhouetteipodentertainmentcaveman

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dsauna said on May. 29 '09

very nice! What font is that?

penflare said on May. 29 '09

customized gotham

lundeja said on May. 29 '09

Me want music.

cobaltcow said on May. 29 '09

that's awesome! i could see that as a sweet music label.

ethereal said on May. 29 '09

I like this a lot, Penflare. I'm hesitant to say anything but feel compelled - is the kerning on caveman intentional? It's kind of loose in some areas yet tighter in others. It may be what you are going for given the brand but it seems like it's hanging somewhere between perfect kerning and wanting to be loose and intentionally imbalanced. To me the mark is well done and tight so the kerning to me should be balanced. Just my two cents. Again, like it a lot!

typographics said on May. 29 '09

I agree, the kerning is off. Fun graphic though.

JustCreativeDesign said on May. 30 '09

I really like the "blockyness" of the caveman, sweet illustration.

Raczso said on May. 31 '09

nice draw, but is so big

tass said on May. 31 '09

Real nice!

psygn said on May. 31 '09

Looks great overall, but the upper half of his body looks misaligned with the lower half. It's easier to spot if you follow the legs up to his waste.

psygn said on May. 31 '09

Oops, I meant waist!

evaanno said on May. 31 '09

I like this its really cool

obuzz said on Jun. 01 '09


logotivity said on Jun. 01 '09

this is really great sean!

jennyb said on Jun. 01 '09

This is just bad*ss Sean! Very nice :)

clint said on Jun. 02 '09

very badass
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OcularInk said on Jun. 04 '09

The rough and rugged execution along with the heavy weight of the mark is perfect. Nice job, bud!

davido said on Jun. 05 '09

I like the mark!

sethetter said on Jun. 07 '09

I really dig the font, and the illustration just as much for that matter. Good work!

Siah-Design said on Jun. 08 '09

lol, cool one bud!

Phy said on Aug. 18 '09

Nice Design, i like the expression and caliber of your work !
I know you created this for fun, but are you willing to sell ?

grafixidea said on Aug. 21 '09


grafixidea said on Aug. 21 '09

great mark & great type

Logocrave said on Aug. 21 '09

love it!

Phane said on Sep. 14 '09

just great man... A

mitrossan said on Oct. 31 '09

cool logo... and I must say, I just love your work :D!!!!

lumo said on Jun. 22 '10

Just found this one! This is really great. I'm lovin this.

JoePrince said on Jul. 15 '10

I have always liked this one, Sean. Sweet work!

shinobi said on Feb. 15 '13


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