by contactme • Uploaded: May. 21 '09
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Description: logo for fun.

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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OcularInk said on May. 21 '09

Haha! This is hilarious. And very nicely executed.

brandsimplicity said on May. 21 '09

LOL...very clever

gyui said on May. 21 '09

great job. hate to be nitpicky, but the furthest arm should generally look smaller than the arm that's closer. other than that, fun stuff!

Daniel Hatcher said on May. 21 '09

Nice illustration

Hayes Image said on May. 21 '09

That last step was a doozey!!

Type08 said on May. 22 '09


Henriko said on Jun. 21 '09

Hahahhaha! This is such a clever idea :-)

alterego said on Jun. 22 '09

heheh damn funny

davido said on Jun. 22 '09

awsome job!! and so funny!!

tass said on Jun. 23 '09

Nice execution :))

eziemac said on Jun. 23 '09

haha thats brilliant

nefiflorian said on Jun. 23 '09

Brilliant! Funny! Love this!

sandhya said on Jun. 23 '09

super funny!

clayray said on Jun. 23 '09


EmiCo said on Jun. 23 '09

Haha! Nice work!

nido said on Jun. 23 '09

this logo has sound!... 'flump!'

firebrand said on Jun. 23 '09

Reminds me of Wile E Coyote's antics.

cseven said on Jun. 23 '09

^ Meep meep....

luiz_adelino said on Jun. 23 '09

hahaha very coolll

tao said on Jun. 24 '09

Nice one!

Tømme said on Jun. 24 '09

very funny :) but i wanted to see a mic in his hand :)

mdac said on Jun. 24 '09

good logo for a parachute jumping business ;)

andreiu said on Jun. 24 '09

i hope he didn't die! :))

chrisrojo said on Jun. 24 '09

Hahahah It's Great!!!

Vassilis Mast said on Jun. 25 '09

absolutely great :) what's the typeface btw?

valbo said on Jul. 04 '09

Great idea and execution also!
From a technical point of view I would just
try making manhole just a little smaller to be smoother with the font.
...again nice job ;)

nazar said on Jul. 08 '09

wow. its great! 8)

facee said on Jul. 22 '09

great !

michaelspitz said on Oct. 25 '09

Great again! Love the series! :)

rambal said on Dec. 14 '09

fun with brilliant

JF said on Dec. 14 '09

Hilarious. And fabulous work.

impodster said on Mar. 08 '10

Nailed it.

Horton The Elephat said on May. 02 '10

Nice... you just made me Smile! :)

ChosenIdea426 said on Mar. 11 '16

Regarding gyui's comment, from this angle the perspective is exactly as it should be. Nice work.

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