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Description: The word "Allay" is a verb with several meanings such as, ease, lighten, abate, relieve, soothe, get rid of, and assauge. All of the things we like to have done when we visit a spa. Though it would be great for the spa/salon industry, the mark is also a good candidate for cosmetics and beauty products as well. This is a unique design that would stand out in a sea of logos.

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Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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randyheil said on May. 20 '09

The curly stem feels a bit thick and a bit too close to the petals. I think it will become much more feminine if you thin it up. I like it.

jennyb said on May. 20 '09

Thanks for the suggestion Randy...really appreciated! The petals have been moved up a touch but I'm afraid to alter the marks stem. I'll consider it for a spell :)

andreiu said on May. 20 '09

the distance and the angles between the petals are not the same. making all the same may restore the balance! :)

jenlogo said on May. 21 '09

This is nice jennyb!

jennyb said on May. 21 '09

Thanks Jen!

@andreiu thank you for the input :)

rudy hurtado said on May. 21 '09

I like the feel on this one. Great clean job!

jennyb said on May. 21 '09

Hey Rudy, thanks alot. I check out your site and was very impressed! You've done some awesome work!

jennyb said on May. 21 '09

That is...I "checked" out your site, lol.

rudy hurtado said on May. 21 '09

I really appreciate your comments Jenny, although I'm still working on it, I've been so busy creating other peoples jobs that I'm neglecting my own. :( what's new right? No biggie about the correction, $#!T happens :)

rudy hurtado said on May. 21 '09

There, I did it myself, that would be "people's" jobs. lol.

jennyb said on May. 22 '09

LOL...monkey see monkey do! But yeah, I know how all that goes :) Your site looks great so far! Let me know when you've finished, I'd love to see it!

QuirkDesign said on Jun. 16 '09

Such a good feel to this one.

tass said on Jun. 17 '09

This is very nice!

eziemac said on Jun. 17 '09

Nice work! :)

jennyb said on Jun. 17 '09

Thanks to everyone for all the floats, comments and suggestions :)

teight said on Jun. 17 '09

I really like it, but if you flipped/mirrored the stem and flower it would look like a lowercase "a" for Allay. Right now I see a "P" similar to the p in the new payless shoes logo.

lboi said on Jun. 17 '09

It is classy and elegant! Good work Jen!

jennyb said on Jun. 17 '09

@ LBOI thanks! @ teight thanks...hmm...I may try it to see how it looks :)

gold coast website design said on Jun. 18 '09

Beautiful mark! Love this one a lot.

JohnM said on Jun. 24 '09

actually i forgot to add this one to your list of awesome logos!

jennyb said on Jun. 26 '09

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the floats, suggestions, and comments! Very much appreciated :)

Ethanol_ColdFlame said on Jul. 09 '09

nice work :) great feelings

H. said on Nov. 23 '09

Great one here. You show a lot of talent. Congrats.

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