Killed Productions

by SeanHeisler • Uploaded: May. 18 '09
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Description: Unused concept. Killed Productions.

As seen on: Sean Heisler

Status: Work in progress

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: sleekmoderncontemporaryrefinedSimple

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logotomy said on May. 18 '09

Funny. With a little bit of perspective, in the continuity of the shadow, you could draw a grave with the "i". That could be awesome!

VikkiV said on May. 18 '09

hahaha:-)...that is cool! maybe lb. blood on the dot?

oronoz ® said on May. 18 '09

hahahahahah great one!!

wayne.wang said on May. 18 '09

Simple Cool ! I was worried about the "i" ...

teeps said on May. 19 '09


api said on May. 19 '09

LOL :D cool, the moved "i" is awesome. Usually I don't like shadows and gradient in logos but it's works good, perfect.

datsolalee said on May. 19 '09

So so cooooool!!!!!!

ranganath said on May. 19 '09

Very funny

strizhart said on May. 19 '09


andreiu said on May. 19 '09

oh yeah! :)

logomotive said on May. 19 '09

Clever and funny.

terry bogard said on May. 19 '09

Nice indeed.!

ethereal said on May. 19 '09

Thanks everyone, glad you like it! It was a fun one to do. A red dot on the i would be pretty funny, might try it but I think it would pull it into a different realm and pull away from the sheer simplicity as well. Funny though! Thanks again, everyone!

andreiu said on May. 19 '09

sounds like MAC: iDead! :))

andreiu said on May. 19 '09

wanted to say APPLE. we all should sleep from time to time.. :p

strizhart said on May. 19 '09

ClimaxDesigns Thanks (;

tokostyler said on May. 19 '09

very good man! especially that comics shadow:)

josephghayes said on May. 19 '09

very nice. seems like the i is backwards though. like the dot should be on the right. either way, it's a brilliant concept.

tass said on May. 19 '09

i like the concept.
but since i has a shadow, wouldn't be required that all the letters had one?

ethereal said on May. 19 '09

That is a nice avatar strizhart!

It's true that technically it would seem the other letters would have cast shadow as well but I think having the shadow just on the "i" puts the focal there, it's just playful abstraction. :) As to the direction of the i, I tried it both ways and this felt most comfortable for whatever reason! Thanks again!

Brandsimplicity said on May. 19 '09

Killer concept...:)

cseven said on May. 19 '09

Magic. Love it.

alterego said on May. 19 '09

clean concept !!!

rambal said on May. 19 '09

nice playful mark

smelandri said on May. 20 '09

simple and functional, I would like

Shu said on May. 20 '09

Great concept, but I don' like this shadow...

pixualmedia said on May. 20 '09

This concept killed me..

TreeWalker said on May. 21 '09

sorry, but%u2026 why?
what is the logo for? it doesn't do anything for me. it's just an i on its side, so?
a logo should evoke something, should say something about the company or product it is representing.

ethereal said on May. 21 '09

Dude, pump your brakes, it's just a concept. It's just an idea I had, this place is fun, we're all having fun here. Maybe this could work for something like a skateboard company or a club?

logomotive said on May. 21 '09

^ yeah or it could represent a logo designer.

ethereal said on May. 21 '09

^ Ha! Nice, Mike. :)

gold coast website design said on May. 21 '09

I don't agree with Treewalker but I too don't get it. It's nice to have a play and try new things but it may need some work to be commercially viable.

ethereal said on May. 21 '09

^ Absolutely and that's all this is, is practice. I solicited comments and I'm working on turning this into something viable.

ethereal said on May. 22 '09

^ I know exactly what you are saying but when I tried pulling the L's together it looked squirrelly, like the L's suddenly didn't look like two L's anymore due to the i laying down the way it is. Hard to explain. For some reason with the i laying down like that it's messing with the visual spacing and it just seemed comfortable like this. I'll take a look at it again though, thanks for the comment.

joelalexander said on May. 22 '09

yeah really nice, clever, I like it! alot

TreeWalker said on May. 22 '09

I'm sorry if I upset anyone, I guess I should change my comment to "I love it, it's my all time fav" and not offer any criticism - be like everyone else. Or just keep my mouth shut and go elsewhere.

ethereal said on May. 22 '09

^ Here's the problem, TreeWalker - you took the extreme route. Criticism is fine here, in fact it's great. But it's the way you did it. The concealed "cursing" using random characters, the "so" comment, just your whole demeanor. Why not express your opinion in a more "constructive" manner? If you sound offensive you're going to get equal responses back. That's all.

theartistt said on May. 22 '09

if you can't take it, don't dish it. I like this.

dpb said on May. 24 '09

Dont kill the climax of being creative. I think we should be more appreciative in any expression the way our art done. Let's ressurect the mood of being united in sharing everything we have in mind.I like everybody's art it has a different meaning and interest.

theartistt said on May. 24 '09

^ totally agree

camel_sp said on May. 24 '09

Very nice dude! Like it a lot!

lundeja said on May. 25 '09

ethereal said on May. 25 '09

Holy shit!! I have never seen that before in my life, I swear to god. I just found this place and joined on May 14. Guess that doesn't exonnerate me but I give you my word I have never seen that. Like I keep saying, everything has been done before. Damn. It's even an "i" in that mark. Well, I am sure I'll be grilled by some for this one, but I swear on all three of my children's lives I've never seen that mark. Oh, well. :(

lundeja said on May. 25 '09

I wouldn't have guessed you had, it only has about 100 views. I didn't remember it until I saw it in his showcase today. I was just throwing it out there so you knew :)

ethereal said on May. 25 '09

Thanks, lundeja. Yikes, it's sucks when that happens though. Something similar to this happened to me before too. Everything has been done, I swear! This happened to me with Logomotive and he said "I guess great minds think alike!" (not to sound arrogant!)

TreeWalker said on May. 25 '09

Okay, first of all, I will once again apologize for hurting anyone's feelings - it was unintentional. ClimaxDesigns I was not concealing any "cursing" with random characters - that was simply an incompatibility between browsers or something. Evidently the system does not like having a comma placed after the word but.
Secondly, I was not trying to be offensive I was merely hoping to have the artist give me some indication (defense if you will) of the reasoning for the logo. I perhaps should have left the "so" out of the comment and should have elaborated on my remark.
In an effort to avoid offending anyone else on this site in the future I would ask that the moderator or owner of the site remove my profile from their system at the earliest. In the interim I will refrain from critiquing any further. I wish you all well in your endeavors.

ethereal said on May. 26 '09

Awe, come on, man, just relax. I don't think anybody is offended. Everything is cool. If you have an issue with someone or are looking to critique them then just do it in a straight forward way. Everything's good my man, don't worry.

mabu said on May. 30 '09

Cool job dude %u2014 although I do think it reminds me abit of the "impotence" logo I've done.

mabu said on May. 30 '09

Cool job dude - although I do think it reminds me abit of the "impotence" logo I've done.

ethereal said on May. 30 '09

Hi mabu - I know! It was mentioned up above a few posts back. Technically it doesn't clear me but I found and joined Logo Pond a few days after you posted the impotence concept. I swear I hadn't seen it before I did this, obviously I wouldn't have done this had I seen that! Amazing how this happens. It's crazy how it's the letter i in both! I really like your impotence concept though, nice job. Great minds think alike. ;)

mabu said on May. 30 '09

Hehe no worries dude. Like yours too. Keep em coming.

evaanno said on May. 31 '09

the shadow is bad, I think its great what logotomy said before

D.Roark said on Jun. 01 '09

Very cool concept! Another suggestion, for maybe a v2.0: you could stand the "i" back upright and do it as a chalk outline...hmm.

wannabe said on Jun. 02 '09

I love this, but i agree with the comments about the shadow. Looks weird somehow...

elmasry said on Jun. 02 '09

very cool idea, I love it

ethereal said on Jun. 02 '09

Thanks everyone, again I really appreciate the feedback a lot. I went ahead and lost the shadow and I think it still works well. I thought the shadow was kind of fun, gave it this funny yet dramatic quality. Thanks!

volchonok13 said on Jun. 02 '09

Sean, how can I get in touch with you if I have an interest in a logo?

ethereal said on Jun. 03 '09

volchonok13 - Shoot me an email mr.noodle@cox.net


davido said on Jun. 07 '09

smart idea, cool!

Dario said on Jun. 08 '09

Genius! Have you tried using "Killer" instead of "killed" ?
Just an idea.

ethereal said on Jun. 08 '09

Thanks, guys! Really appreciate it.

Dario: Interesting idea but I think because the "i" is lying down dead that the stronger message is "killed." Killer could work however, implying that a murder had happened. This is the strangest thing trying to describe this! :)

koads said on Jun. 13 '09

Can't believe noone has mentioned this but in the original specs of the morse-code, an I was described as a dot and an dash...

gjrdesign said on Jun. 13 '09

Great work! Elegant and fun.

tass said on Jun. 15 '09

I like this a lot more! :) Way better for me! Congrats!

QuirkDesign said on Jun. 16 '09

this is a classic :)

andreiu said on Jun. 27 '09

love the updated version! :)

megalitz said on Jun. 30 '09

I love this! I haven't read all the comments but I actually think it's a very humorous twist on such a "terrible" word. Genius!

TKhoury said on Jul. 20 '09

ethereal said on Jul. 21 '09

Wow, crazy. Never seen it. There was another one up above, that was similar too. Well, I mean, this happens, it's obviously not a rip, I've never seen it.

stefani smit said on Jul. 22 '09

Love it!

skoulix said on Jul. 30 '09

Brilliant! Revolutionary!

KonradK said on Aug. 30 '09

amazing concept :)

pinkboy said on Sep. 16 '09

wow. love it

moverdrive said on Sep. 18 '09

This thing is just perfect. Great type choice, feels just right. It's gonna be one of those I wish I'd thought of. Great job.

ethereal said on Sep. 18 '09

Thanks a lot you guys, I really appreciate it.

gezgins said on Oct. 19 '09

concept wonderfull..

Michigan Web said on Dec. 27 '09

Funny and very creative! Nice work!

ethereal said on Jan. 11 '10

Thanks, guys!

fourplus said on Jan. 27 '10

clever idea;)

ethereal said on Jan. 27 '10


designoman said on Feb. 07 '10

great idea

ethereal said on Feb. 07 '10

Thanks! Maybe this thing might make the 100 club? Would be a flattering club to be in!

michaelspitz said on Feb. 07 '10

(Here's 1 more for ya!) I was sure I'd hit this guy before..? ;)

ethereal said on Feb. 08 '10

Hey! Thanks, Michael!

klibia said on Feb. 10 '10

Perhaps I already voted for this sign, but would have no regrets at all. Excellent!

ethereal said on Feb. 10 '10

Thank you, Natalia.

Foz said on Feb. 11 '10

Watching words move by Ivan Chermayeff & Tom Geismar - nobody seen it? it's an exact copy.

ethereal said on Feb. 11 '10

^ What do you mean? What's an exact copy? Very familiar with C&G but have no idea what you are talking about. Post something if you can.

ethereal said on Feb. 11 '10

I just looked this up and it's a book, which looks very cool by the way. I found some examples and seen one for "dead" with a "d" lying on it's side, is that what you mean? If so, I don't see the problem here. You said this is an exact copy of something, that's a pretty strong thing to say and to me you mean in that book there is a Killed concept EXACTLY like this. Show to me if you can. But if it's the Dead thing there isn't an issue here in my mind. The "i" in this concepts is an abstract figure/person. I see many other examples of word play concepts in that book that remind of many concepts I see hear too, so word play is nothing new and they are all based on a similar vain of thinking.

ethereal said on Feb. 11 '10

^ Sorry, I can't spell.

ethereal said on Mar. 01 '10

Another guy claiming our logos for his, take a look folks, see if yours in in there: http://miniv.ueuo.com/

itsgareth said on Mar. 01 '10

^ that guys website is a rip off too

ethereal said on Mar. 01 '10

^ Like, the whole layout of it? Unbelievable. I don't see any way to contact the guy on that site at all. Crazy.

ethereal said on Mar. 01 '10

I've been informed his name is Vikas Misra.

plantingseeds said on Mar. 21 '10

I've seen this logo on various blogs and other logo sites like Logofaves, but didn't realise it was on here too. It's simple and effective, very nice.

ethereal said on Mar. 22 '10

Thanks for your comments on my work recently, Colm, I appreciate it bro!

Type08 said on Mar. 29 '10

...94 ...95 ...

JoePrince said on Mar. 29 '10

96 going once...going twice...

Chad Sanderson said on Mar. 29 '10


milou said on Mar. 29 '10

97 for Sean. <3

ethereal said on Mar. 29 '10

Ha ha! Thanks, guys! Getting close! :)

ethereal said on Apr. 03 '10

100!! Woohoo! Ok, sorry, carry on...

andreiu said on Apr. 03 '10

wooow! 100! keep up the good work :)

epsilon said on Apr. 03 '10

Sean, just out of curiosity - are you a lefty?

tabithakristen said on Apr. 03 '10

Thought I floated this before. Oh well, 103 now! :D

ethereal said on Apr. 03 '10

Thanks, guys!

@ Alex: I see where you are going with that. Here I go again for 10th time. Look, what do you do here? Just like others who have done simple, fun word play ideas like this they find something similar to it and cry rip off. Word play is so generic that it's tough to pinpoint if you are infringing on an original idea. In terms of word play like this I think the concept has to be about EXACT to become a real issue. Word play like this goes waaaay back, as referenced earlier in this thread. You know how many logos with a letter laying on it's side have been brought to my attention over the years? I hadn't ever seen one where it was an "i" that represented the human figure, so the concept probably can stand (no pun intended). Every few months I have to go through this, it's "killing" me. :)

epsilon said on Apr. 03 '10

Sean, you totally don't see where I was going :)

I asked because there is a peculiar connection between the handedness of a person and the way this person selects between two equal options involving left and right. I am right-handed and I would've dropped /i/ the other way, hence my original question.

ethereal said on Apr. 03 '10

^ Ha ha ha, I see, Alex, that's hilarious!!!!!! Sorry. I thought I was getting hammered again, man. If you look at the history of this thread I've had to fend off a lot of stuff, but that's what happens with simple logos most of the time. Please accept my apologies, Alex, I thought you were insinuating something. I don't have the nickname "Paranoid" for nothing. I am right handed. It's funny, someone else mentioned before that they would have dropped the i the other way too, maybe you are all right! :) Thanks, Alex, much appreciated, my man.

epsilon said on Apr. 03 '10

Damn. Oh, well. Perhaps you are closeted lefty or something :)

ethereal said on Apr. 20 '10

Proud to announce this will be featured in LogoLounge 6.

Hayes Image said on Apr. 20 '10

That's fantastic :) From what I've seen confirmed so far, this is gonna be one hell of a book.

logopunk said on May. 07 '10

Brilliant logo and deserving of being included in Logo Lounge 6.

ethereal said on May. 07 '10

Thanks, Jonny, appreciate the comment.

noopie said on May. 19 '10

Deadly simple and really effective. So which letter is the killer? :D

ethereal said on May. 23 '10

Thanks. Evidence points to "k" being the culprit but many theories say that "d" was the shooter, perched inconspicuously over there in the grassy knoll beyond the "e." Others say a man named "Ed" is the killer and say he left a message at the crime scene by aligning what appears to be the word "productions" underneath his name.

krinimal said on May. 24 '10

this is one of the best wordplays i have seen in my life! awesome oine ethereal!

NotoriousDesign said on Sep. 22 '10

very sharp

stefani smit said on Nov. 10 '10

Have you tried making the dot of the i red? it will bring in a little colour and represent blood? Just an idea, the logo is awesome!

MichaelSmith said on Nov. 18 '10

I think it would look and sound really good as %u2018killer production%u2019.

13mu said on Dec. 16 '10

This is my favorite logo of all submitted in the universe :)
Now I know who his creator

azdesignvn said on Dec. 29 '10

Very good idea

sean heisler said on Mar. 02 '11

I have not specifically done a motorcycle logo but there isn't anything I won't try. Feel free to contact me.

Simon™ said on Mar. 16 '11

Hey Sean - haven't seen your stuff before. Great work! Have another float on me. Like you need it! ;-)

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 17 '11

Thanks, Simon, :)

khughesdesign said on Mar. 27 '11

Unique, simple.. and pretty much perfect! I saw this one in LogoNest, among others.. great work as always!

antonio cappucci said on Jul. 29 '11

Among my favorite logos! Great concept.

njc-condooms said on Aug. 02 '11

So simple but so clever. Great job!

sean heisler said on Aug. 02 '11

Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.

Authority Articles said on Aug. 02 '11

Love the dead i.

Bernd said on Aug. 25 '11

and how the hell ... could I miss this killer piece ?! OMG that's so good ... reminds me of the days when Herb Lubalin ruled the world ... you know the family type piece

Sean Heisler said on Aug. 31 '11

Heh, heh, thanks, Bernd.

sashakagor said on Sep. 04 '11

Genius logo!

victor_bartis said on Sep. 17 '11

clever simple logo! best way to go. good job!

Artgeko said on Sep. 23 '11

Original idea and solution!

Sean Heisler said on Sep. 27 '11

Thanks, guys, glad you like it!

jands said on Sep. 27 '11

the legend ... awesome :)

peg_ said on Nov. 02 '11

grat job

levogrin said on Feb. 18 '12

Great work. One of my favorite logos.

edgepixel said on Apr. 06 '12

Oh, so this was yours? I first saw it on ffffound.com

redchocolate said on May. 04 '12

very very well

CHINOOK said on Oct. 11 '12

I agree with levogrin, one of the best. Love it!

hyperborea said on Oct. 11 '12

200! Grats!

wiking said on Oct. 11 '12

Make that 201 :)

JohnDervishi said on Nov. 22 '12

Great concept, love it

shutupandance said on Mar. 12 '13

great : )

bright eye said on Mar. 13 '13


piluky said on Jun. 01 '14

this was used in one of the www.posterheroes.org winners of this year... I don't know if it was u...but if not.. somebody copy u.. big time!!!

JKey said on Jan. 27 '16

really great!

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