by SeanHeisler • Uploaded: May. 14 '09
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Description: Unused concept, conceptual exploration. Fun play on Bar.

As seen on: Sean Heisler

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: sophisticatedsimpleinteriorcontemporarysleek

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ethereal said on May. 14 '09

Hi everyone! This place is so great! Can't believe I am just now getting on here. Really great place!

cseven said on May. 14 '09

Welcome aboard Sean. Nice logo.

momentummagazine said on May. 14 '09

Very interesting and cool idea!

VikkiV said on May. 15 '09

nice concept. i like it:-)

alterego said on May. 15 '09


gentleone said on May. 15 '09

YES! Nicely done!

illix said on May. 15 '09

Yes the bar-code is a great idea to work with. The one I made is from 2006.

leoramires said on May. 15 '09

very interesting

ethereal said on May. 15 '09

Thanks everyone. Fun one to do!

grahammond said on May. 17 '09

Loved this one when I saw it last month on LOTD. Fantastic work!

ethereal said on May. 17 '09

grahammond - Didn't even know about this site! That's cool! Heh. Thanks!

Terry Bogard said on May. 18 '09

Fantastic work. I'm wondering if the font variation could make it even better. but its great as is too.

grahammond said on May. 18 '09

You didn't know you were selected for LOTD?! That's crazy. Well I'm glad I've informed you. That's a good award to brag about in your portfolio!

jennyb said on May. 18 '09

great concept! Every bar needs one lol

mcfluff said on May. 18 '09

Somehow remember me of a burning WTC. Nice though.

riham said on May. 18 '09

Nice logo... =)
got a couple questions.. hehe..
1. what is LOTD?
2. How do you make your logo appear on the home page or the LP gallery.. I uploaded some logos but nothing ever comes up!

ethereal said on May. 18 '09

Thanks everyone, I appreciate it!

Terry Bogard > I've tried some variations of this, different things with the foam and all but this version here just works best to me.

grahammond > Yeah, I didn't even know LOTD existed and that it was a LOTD in April! :) Funny.

riham > LOTD = Logo of the Day http://logooftheday.com/

As to how the logo appears on the LP homepage, I believe they select logos to feature there. But to see the very latest uploaded logos you need to go to "View All."

loonyraven said on May. 18 '09

I love this logo: bar - code ;-) really good

janzabransky said on May. 19 '09

If I had a bar, I would buy this logo from You and use this concept. Its so great logo and idea. Very original and memorable.

riham said on May. 19 '09

thanx..! I just started using the site.. so am still trying to figure my way around... am gonna have a look at your gallery again now, i think u uploaded some more logos... =) nice work.

j-CAZ said on May. 19 '09

Great work man. This logo would draw me in for a cool refreshing beer in a second.

ethereal said on May. 19 '09

Thanks again everyone. Myself and a few designers I work with were thinking about how this brand could really come to life in a bar/grill setting, so many neat thematic things you could do with this - interior, menu, shirts, coasters, etc.

grahammond said on May. 19 '09

Just wondering if you took notice to the comments you got over on LOTD... Someone mentioned the foam not looking right and suggested a black stroke with no fill instead. Wondering if you considered this or how it would look.

ethereal said on May. 19 '09

Alright, I decided to go ahead and give this a try and I just posted a Version 2 of this, as requested by a few people.

ethereal said on May. 20 '09

If anyone is interested to see this with the foam as a black rule instead of completely filled go to the following link and then look at the first variation:


joelalexander said on May. 22 '09

super cool concept. love it! good work

Arishavin said on May. 29 '09

Good thinking.

oski said on Jun. 10 '09


ethereal said on Aug. 05 '09

dbunk: Yeah, it's been referenced a few times since posting this. I had never seen that before, as I've stated before, and while I can't prove it I actually did my design about a year and a half ago. Seems like there is always something similar, you know? Anyhow.

dbunk said on Aug. 06 '09

Yea it does happen :)

DavePrindle said on Apr. 27 '10

Really awesome concept/result!

peg_ said on Nov. 02 '11

clever one

aladdinxp said on Jan. 17 '12

a big WOW to this logo :)

Sean Heisler said on Mar. 14 '12

It appears I have been severely ripped off: http://beercode.com.br/

ColinTierney said on Mar. 14 '12

terrible. i'm going through something similar as well. let me know if you want me to do anything (email, tweet, whatever for awareness).

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