by BurnCreative • Uploaded: May. 11 '09

Description: Just posting this since another member of this site decided it was a good idea to take this illustration I created and claim that she made it.

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Tags: tiki

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JMC said on May. 11 '09

That illustration was immediately next to one of my logos and I've just seen it has magically disappeared. That is sad and embarrassing.

Burn Creative said on May. 11 '09

That's amazing eh?

lundeja said on May. 11 '09

To paraphrase my comment from that one to here.

This is AWESOME.

Burn Creative said on May. 11 '09

This is what I made this illustration for.


epsilon said on May. 11 '09

Interesting. Very tactful of you not to mention the name.

itsgareth said on May. 11 '09

Shame :(

Logomotive said on May. 11 '09

very impressive graphic!

AlexWende said on May. 12 '09

I've done some tiki stuff for training purpose lately, but this is gooood stuff!

geniuslogo said on May. 12 '09

Really great illustration!

hindmarshdesign said on May. 12 '09

I think I gave praise to "someone" else...but to YOU I say AWESOME! :)

hindmarshdesign said on May. 12 '09

Oh, and I totally want this under my snowboard!

hindmarshdesign said on May. 12 '09

Hahaha. We have all sorts of weather in Aus! We have a bunch of Ski fields about 5.5 hours south west of Sydney :) www.perisher.com.au

Burn Creative said on May. 13 '09

I just want to thank everyone for the kind words on this illustration. I only posted it to call someone out who stole my artwork but I thank you for the compliments all the same.

It's unfortunate that this happened but I'm glad I caught it. The sad part is that this goes on entirely too much. This is only the second time I've caught someone plagiarizing my work but it's likely that there are more out there that I'll never find our about.

We all just have to keep an eye out for this type of thing and let each other know. I also encourage all of you to copyright your artwork to help protect yourselves. If I had not copyrighted this work it could have easily turned into a massive and expensive headache had she sold this to a company to use as a logo or some other application. You can copyright work on copyright.gov and it's really easy and cheap since you can copyright work in groups. So you could copyright 200 illustrations or logos for one fee of about $35 all online.

And use tineye.com to see if you can find your work posted or in use online without your permission.

Marco Echevarria

logomotive said on Jul. 04 '13

I remember that story :)

THEArtistT said on Jul. 04 '13

ah, the good ole days.

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