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by bartodell • Uploaded: May. 02 '09
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Description: The word Ajeva means ‘Livelihood’ in Pali, the language of the first written teachings of Gautama Buddha. It is part of the eight tenants of Buddhism. The full statement is “Samma Ajeva” meaning ‘Right livelihood’; supporting yourself without harming others.

Ajeva firmly believes that true free-trade, outsourcing and, especially, global sourcing satisfies samma-ajeva.

This will be the final logo. Still working on colors. WIP.

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woelve said on May. 02 '09

And, to tell the truth, this one's the best.

rpeschetz said on May. 03 '09

agree. guess I like this one best.
it has the best balance.

tconrad said on May. 03 '09

the type is good. . . but i'm surprised to see it on the front page.

bartodell said on May. 04 '09

Thanks for all of the comments everyone! I appreciate this very much!

Siah-Design said on May. 04 '09

Very nice Bart!

jwerre said on May. 05 '09

Some words just have the perfect shape don't they

firebrand said on May. 05 '09

Best of the bunch, Bartleby!

sloganmedia said on May. 08 '09

great font design!

gold coast website design said on May. 08 '09

Nice typography. What font is that?

oski said on Jun. 10 '09

Great one!

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