by InkwillDesign • Uploaded: May. 01 '09
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Description: (Anguria = watermelon.) Logo for iPhone, Mac and Web 2.0 applications company.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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cseven said on May. 01 '09

Very cute mark. Not sure if the font suits the smiley watermelon though.

gyui said on May. 01 '09

really nice mark, and the font works for me. but maybe remove the gradient from the type?

riham said on May. 16 '09

very cute!

patentico said on May. 16 '09


tass said on Jun. 18 '09

As cseven said cute mark, but i'd leave the text gradient

William © 2009 said on Sep. 14 '09

Thanks for all your suggestions.

tkhoury said on Jan. 30 '11


givegraphics said on Aug. 04 '11

Superb design! very catchy! 1

Vergad said on Aug. 04 '11

Really nice gradients

action said on Aug. 04 '11

So cute mark, love this design :)

grigoriou said on Aug. 04 '11

this makes me happy.

Mad Skimo said on Aug. 04 '11

cute & tasty!

atomicvibe said on Aug. 04 '11

Oh man, I've been thinking of my own "just for fun" watermelon logo project for a few weeks now, and now I see this... I HOPE I'M NOT TOO LATE :[

daisy said on Aug. 05 '11

OMG! This is the cutest logo I have seen in a long time!!

Inkwill Design said on Aug. 05 '11

Thanks everyone! This was a fun project.

yuro said on Aug. 06 '11

very nice !

Inkwill Design said on Feb. 19 '13

Cheers, yuro!

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