get wired

by bosh • Uploaded: Apr. 22 '09
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Description: Get Wired. Coffee store/Internet café.

As seen on: Sensecall

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: workonlinenetworkinternetwires

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Type08 said on Apr. 22 '09

Yep, excellent!

Tømme said on Apr. 22 '09

Im just curious why add the yellow dot at the baseline? Otherwise I really think you nailed the logo :)

gyui said on Apr. 22 '09

agree with Tomme, it's almost as if you took the dot from the "I" and made it into a period. cool mark though:)

firebrand said on Apr. 22 '09

Nice, but isn't everything wireless or optical these days?

SpiffyJ said on Apr. 22 '09

Agreed about the period at the end. Why is it a color? Why is it even there?

Nice logo.

bosh said on Apr. 22 '09

@Tomme, gyui and spiffyj: the period at the end is the dot from the i. I was initially unsure about it, but i think it looks kinda strange without it. the design might get a bit of revision... i'll see how it goes!

@everyone else: thanks very much for the positive responses! :D


epsilon said on Apr. 22 '09

Beautiful mark. Pure gallery material :-)

dannygdammit said on Apr. 22 '09

I think it's great..

BigAl67 said on Apr. 22 '09

Brilliant concept well executed.

fogra said on Apr. 22 '09

I think it's great too.

Brandsimplicity said on Apr. 23 '09

Nice concept!

mabu said on Apr. 23 '09

Great job. The colors is fantastic.

tokostyler said on Apr. 23 '09

Congratulations! very good.

logo designer gold coast said on Apr. 23 '09

Brilliant! Did you hand draw this... how long did it take to get it just right? The color use is definitely a highlight. Nice.

bosh said on Apr. 24 '09

Yup, this was all drawn from scratch. Took a couple of adjustments - not sure on the time though!

Thanks very much for the positive comments :D

Jazzoline said on Apr. 26 '09

So cute.. :) love the .dot at the end :)

cseven said on Apr. 27 '09

Very nice. I saw the design and knew what it was for straight away - great work.

bosh said on Apr. 28 '09

Thanks Jazzoline and cseven :) ... appreciated!

bluegg said on Apr. 28 '09

Nice mark. Could I ask, what's the font you've used? - great work

bosh said on Apr. 29 '09

It's Rockwell. I slightly adjusted it i.e. the kerning and baseline.

nolete said on May. 05 '09

Great! Love the colors.

jbird said on May. 13 '09

Great work! Great concept!

misterkofa said on May. 20 '09

great colors!

I-am-Tiago said on Sep. 30 '10

This is really great work.

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