Coastal Garden

by jerron • Uploaded: Apr. 03 '09
Gallerized Apr. '09 c781ea6de9800adf92c01ec1a92f7e10.png

Description: Landscaping.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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grigoriou said on Apr. 03 '09

this is beautiful.

i feel like the font for Coastal Gardens is a bit crowded in there or slightly out of step with the graphis . the C and G are perfect, but maybe the rest of the letters need to take on the texture that those 2 have.

anyway its a wicked design and shape overall and floated.

penflare said on Apr. 03 '09

this is amazing, i love it, will you marry me

logomotive said on Apr. 03 '09

jerron, not much I can say because your work is fabulous but have you thought of same color on Coastal and Gardens? Gardens seems a bit vibrant and dominant in comparison and not digging the woodcut on the C and G but very attractive design as is all your stuff. Keep it coming.

gyui said on Apr. 03 '09

incredible stuff jerron, agree with grigoriou, things are a little tight in there, but nonetheless, thumbs up!

jerron said on Apr. 03 '09

Thanks for the comments, I put in a little more breathing room around the words, I think that helps a little.

sdijock said on Apr. 03 '09

It's funny, because when I saw this logo in the thumbnail gallery even before I knew who actually designed it I thought to myself "that has to be jerron's logo". That being said, aside from what the others mentioned the only little nit-picky thing that's bothering me is the wave that falls in between the tree trunk. There's too much of a visual brown gap between the wave and the orange part of the trunk. But as I said, I'm being very nit-picky. Great regardless.

kaimere said on Apr. 03 '09

absolute beauti

theartistt said on Apr. 03 '09

I'm with Mike. this is gorgeous but there is a disconnect between the two words because of the colors. really love this!

senanimach9 said on Apr. 03 '09

Looks good! fav!

jenlogo said on Apr. 05 '09

very beautiful Jerron!

oronoz ® said on Apr. 05 '09

I really love this logo...its perfect!!!
Floated and faved :D

geniuslogo said on Apr. 05 '09

Really good logo - fantastic color combo!

OcularInk said on Apr. 05 '09

Very well done. Enclosure logos are tough, but you pulled it off.

raja said on Apr. 05 '09

wow thats hype!

tconrad said on Apr. 05 '09

beautiful mark, I agree with the color disconnect, but like the hatch marks in the first letters. Very well done and illustrated! kudos.

logoboom said on Apr. 05 '09

I'd make the words the same color, but other than that...beauty.

jerron said on Apr. 05 '09

Thanks everyone! I will have to experiment further with the color of the words, and I,m sorry penflare but I,m already married.

andreiu said on Apr. 06 '09

it's much more better using only one color for the text! great!

webcore said on Apr. 06 '09

Saweet! Quite physcadelic!

visualperception said on Apr. 08 '09

Nice work Jerron. Very nice color combinations.

leoramires said on Apr. 09 '09

its beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!

PIKE WEB SOLUTIONS said on Apr. 10 '09

I think the logo could have been better complimented with another font but besides that I believe you have knocked it out of the park with this one man.

evaanno said on May. 31 '09

this is my style I like it much

ryanlynndesign said on Jan. 06 '10

You are a featured showcase for a reason. Strong work.

William © 2009 said on Apr. 02 '10

Great colors! I like them very, very much.

cassano said on Jun. 22 '12

Great logo! Love the colors and shapes .

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