Jupiter 1

by brandclay • Uploaded: Apr. 01 '09
Gallerized Apr. '09 3cafb362915f971d0ae61f32a1aaf146.png

Description: Proposal 1 for Jupiter Grille.

As seen on: penflare

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Siah-Design said on Apr. 01 '09

Ohh... this is cool, too

YGD said on Apr. 01 '09

ya this one is cool to... hmmm... tuffy.

ripplemdk said on Apr. 01 '09

I like this concept the best. Nice work as always.

myco said on Apr. 01 '09

This is a winner!

firebrand said on Apr. 01 '09

I like this one. Slightly dodgy curve on the J if you don't mind me saying.

penflare said on Apr. 01 '09

yah i know curve needs some work, these are roughs' :) client presentations will be better

geniuslogo said on Apr. 01 '09

My favorite!

903creative said on Apr. 01 '09

Really digging this. Nice work!

Muamer said on Apr. 01 '09

< one more vote for this version! ;)

logomotive said on Apr. 01 '09

yeah this is so hot the fish jumped right out of the BBQ and headed to Jupiter.It's outta this world.

gyui said on Apr. 01 '09

it's hard to choose, but i like this version best i think.

cerise said on Apr. 02 '09

I think the other one is more vibrant ....but they're both nice it's good to have a tough choice though.

andreiu said on Apr. 02 '09

i'd choose this one.
but i agree with firebrand. those curves need to be polished a bit.
good work.

penflare said on Apr. 02 '09

wow you guys will be making it tough for the client

sdijock said on Apr. 02 '09

Friggin' awesome!

grigoriou said on Apr. 02 '09

one of your best!

robotstudio said on Apr. 02 '09

I'm a sucker for great script.

webcore said on Apr. 02 '09

Great style.

Shamabella said on Apr. 03 '09

I love the creavity with the letter "J" Good JOB

logoholik said on Apr. 03 '09

Really nice one Sean!

mabu said on Apr. 04 '09

Great concept and really balanced. Super job sean!

fabianosaurus said on Apr. 05 '09

don't get me wrong, but isn't that a bit over-hyped? because the J could easy be an F

Logocrave said on Aug. 21 '09

i like the balance

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