Chart Monster

by jerron • Uploaded: Mar. 16 '09
Gallerized Jan. '10 2d20623aeeaedb88a83e54dd24d7c29c.png

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Paul Rand said on Mar. 16 '09

Such a strong mark.
I would change the font and make it in white.

mesa designs said on Mar. 16 '09

This is great, I love how the tail is also a cursor! But I agree with Paul, change the color of the font. Myabe not pure white but something lighter.

theartistt said on Mar. 16 '09

I like the font, but would maybe make it the lighter green from the monster's back.

OcularInk said on Mar. 17 '09

Clever mark.

nexqunyx said on Mar. 20 '09

_I love the treatment on the "M". Well executed:) Big fan of your work!_

myckyc said on Mar. 21 '09

i love this work!

Yglo said on Mar. 25 '09

Original :)

designabot said on Sep. 14 '09

very cool

ninjabot said on Jan. 19 '10

I love this logo, strong mark, and great font choice. I would maybe add the stay puff marshmellow man... everything is always better with Mr. Stay Puff... or you can do nothing and keep it great.

jerron said on Jan. 19 '10

I did try it with Stay puff. Don't you remember Matt?

Conway Anderson said on Jan. 19 '10

I remember this one from way back. Nice to see it get it's rightful place in the gallery.

michaelspitz said on Jan. 19 '10

Very clever ;)

mattaebersold said on Jan. 19 '10

Really cool idea here. I like this one a lot.

usazee1 said on Jan. 20 '10

Hi, Its great work,You would change its color.

jerron said on Jan. 20 '10

Thanks guys.

cotterman said on Jan. 21 '10

yeah.. keep the font more simple and in white would look better.
Lovely job though :)

tentcamper said on Jan. 28 '10

very nice, I also like how you did the "m"...

epicantus said on Jun. 01 '12


jerron said on Jun. 04 '12

Thanks Daria!

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