S.H. United

by 903creative • Uploaded: Mar. 15 '09

Description: Logo for a local soccer team who wanted to play off of the name of the MLS team, DC United.

Updated: Extended the bird's head a bit more and slightly adjusted the colors.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: goldredsoarflightfly

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Paul Rand said on Mar. 15 '09

Powerful mark.

Brandon Barnard said on Mar. 16 '09

i really like your work!

The head feels a little squashed down.

theartistt said on Mar. 16 '09

I agree with Brandon and that other guy. Move the head just a little to the left and up a smidge and it would strengthen it even more. The star on the breast is a little big, but that is a personal opinion. I love it over all.

903creative said on Mar. 16 '09

I forgot to mention that this soccer team has very low self-esteem, hence the lowered eagle head. JK. I'll give 'em a little more pride and upload a new version. Thanks for the feedback!

903creative said on Mar. 16 '09

Updated the head shape. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

theartistt said on Mar. 16 '09

I would still move the neck a little more to the left, but it is certainly wonderful as is.

Porter Design said on Mar. 17 '09


Brandon Barnard said on Mar. 26 '09

just a thought, try the soccer ball instead of the star?

yes maybe no? lol

ogtbarnes said on Jul. 12 '09

looks great, i bet they feel professional with this team logo. gotta look good to play good!

cseven said on Jul. 15 '09

This is a good sport mark, although I'm not convinced of the star.

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