Unay outdoor

by tokostyler • Uploaded: Mar. 14 '09
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Description: unay

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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kaimere said on Mar. 15 '09

sweet ... wondering if it would benefit from a lighter font ...

mister jones said on Mar. 15 '09

Just wondering, what business is Unay?

tokostyler said on Mar. 16 '09

Kaimere thanx for advise. i'll have it in mind.

Mister:) it does an outdoor things like Billboard Totem Megalight etc.

Brandon Barnard said on Mar. 16 '09


tokostyler said on Mar. 17 '09

Thanks Brandon.

brandcore said on Mar. 18 '09

great logo

iskender said on Mar. 18 '09

Great mark! I agree kaimere, it needs lighter wordmark.

elmickeylozano said on Mar. 18 '09

I haven't seen anything like this since the early 80s. This is design though.
Very Japanese Techno-art!

longpig said on Mar. 18 '09

Yep, yep, Lighter font would be nicer....

Try maybe Avenir 'light"

tokostyler said on Mar. 18 '09

Thank you guys. really helped.

logoholik said on Mar. 18 '09

Yep. Better. Excellent.

mister jones said on Mar. 18 '09

beautiful icon

hindmarshdesign said on Mar. 18 '09

ooooooooo!!!! pretty!!!

tokostyler said on Mar. 19 '09

Thank you poeple, i am really honoured.

Or said on Mar. 22 '09


leoramires said on Mar. 24 '09

its wonderfull

Andrea Orazzo Associati said on Mar. 25 '09

very nice!

chocolatl said on Mar. 25 '09


lotuseater said on Mar. 30 '09

nays work!

logoholik said on Mar. 30 '09

Agreed. I wonder if it would work better for smaller applications (if it proves that such usage is needed) if there were less # of lines. I think 5 thicker instead of 7 thinner ones could do the trick and still keep the message/shape/feel. Anyway, good work!

tokostyler said on Mar. 31 '09

Thank you guys.
Logoholik if printer is good than no problem, but i agree with you at some points.

designabot said on May. 13 '09

so eye catching and effective! great job

bsehenuk said on Jul. 15 '09

I love this!

JoePrince said on Sep. 21 '10

This is so freaking cool!

groman said on Nov. 29 '11

masterpiece !

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