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by grigoriou • Uploaded: Mar. 11 '09

Description: House Price Spy is a website that lets users find out what a house is worth.

As seen on: http://www.vanpaul.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: sleuthfedorasecret agentagentspy

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penflare said on Mar. 11 '09

this is awesome

grigoriou said on Mar. 12 '09

thanks penflare!

jerron said on Mar. 12 '09

What a great idea.

lucidity said on Mar. 13 '09

Awesome, sort of reminds me of Spy vs. Spy.

grigoriou said on Mar. 14 '09

ha! lucidity SPY vs SPY is exactly what i imagined when i first saw the name of this company! i think i was also subliminally influenced by those neighbourhood watch signs here in the US.

identifly said on Mar. 14 '09

wow this looks great. congrats!

kugelis said on Dec. 02 '10

I absolutely like this one. I remember it from Logolounge.

vasvari said on Jul. 26 '11

Perfect work Gregory!

grigoriou said on Jul. 27 '11

thanks a lot guys

Renomartin said on Jul. 28 '11

Clever Clever!

Atomicvibe said on Jul. 28 '11

Wow, I hadn't seen this one before. I absolutely love it! And normally, gradients really turn me off (because they're often mis- or overused), but when they're used well - like in this example - it's a beautiful thing.

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