Cesky Krumlov

by Type08 • Uploaded: Mar. 06 '09

Description: Logo for the travel agency from Czech Republic. Partially, it is a branding of a famous small town that is under UNESCO heritage protection program.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: buildingstructureununescoriver

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janzabransky said on Mar. 06 '09

Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautyfull historic/medieval/romantic towns in Europe. Its a "small Prague" ... I thing this logo is well done, it has nice colors, appeal but it is not a Pearl such as the town is. It is too ordinary and do not reflect enought mystic and romance atmosphere of town in my honest oppinion.

Type08 said on Mar. 06 '09

Jan, I'm sorry that you see it that way. This logo will be used only for one of the tourist agency's websites so I tried to make it a bit modern for that purpose. You can analyze the competition yourself, and you'll see that the different approach was necessary here. By the way, we will be visiting Krumlov 2 weeks from today so feel free to join us for couple of drinks there! :)

janzabransky said on Mar. 06 '09

Ok I understand purpose of modern feel of that now. I thought that it is supposed to be a new visual style of town ... I accept that is necessary for travel agency communicate fresh modern style ... Anyway thanks a lot for bid, I am now too far, cant join you. But wish you enjoy visit with your friends and good beer there.

Type08 said on Mar. 06 '09

Thanks a lot, JZ! Hardly wait to take a walk with my girl around that tower! :)

penflare said on Mar. 06 '09

i really like this alen, nice job

theartistt said on Mar. 06 '09

it looks like a landscape inside a house. it's cool.

Type08 said on Mar. 06 '09

Thank you people!

fogra said on Mar. 06 '09

Very nice style, Alen!

Type08 said on Mar. 06 '09

Thanks a lot, Sean! Glad that YOU like it!

logoholik said on Mar. 06 '09

Yep, Alen. This is really nice!

Type08 said on Mar. 06 '09

Thanks, Bojan! Hardly wait to take some photos there! Incredible little town, as I have seen on the web so far! :)

gustavocadar said on Mar. 27 '09

Fantastic illustration

Type08 said on Mar. 27 '09

Thank you, Gustavo! I just been there last weekend! :)

c4creative said on Jun. 03 '09

I quite like this Alen. Not sure if you need the gradients in the colours (of the icon) though. Cesky Krumlov is indeed a pearl and I am lucky enough to have had the privilege to visit and explore.

cseven said on Jun. 03 '09

Nice one Alen - the mark has a great feel to it.

Type08 said on Jun. 04 '09

C4 and C7, much love back from T8! :)
C4, client asked for that. You really pulled all the way from Melbourne to visit it? So much about that little town, huh? :)

kugelis said on Feb. 23 '11

so good :) going to bring this one to show my customer as an example of perfect village logo :)

Type08 said on Mar. 01 '11

Thanks K, missed your comment on this one :)

sbj said on Mar. 01 '11

Its has a nice warmth feeling.. Nice one Alen

Type08 said on Mar. 01 '11

Thanks SB! As I said in previous comments, I have visited this place and I really recommend it to everyone!

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