by GdogPdidio • Uploaded: Feb. 11 '09
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Description: logo for a search engine

As seen on: www.ryanriegner.com

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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maxrho said on Feb. 11 '09

love it :-)

bugbug said on Feb. 11 '09

I dig it.

magicinwhite said on Feb. 11 '09

very nice

Siah-Design said on Feb. 11 '09

This is phenominal

Type08 said on Feb. 11 '09

Yo G Dog! P Diddy, yo! This is amazing concept dog! Word up! ;)

Brandsimplicity said on Feb. 12 '09

Oh...how clever is this:)

gyui said on Feb. 12 '09

this is awesome, i really like this one and your cup concept, but it would be nice to know what it's for.

kaimere said on Feb. 12 '09

front page ....

OcularInk said on Feb. 12 '09

Absolutely brilliant. I love what you did with the negative space on the 'U'. Front page indeed.

penflare said on Feb. 12 '09

^ agreed, that is awesome - nicely done :) faved!

bugbug said on Feb. 12 '09


NeilMcDonald said on Feb. 12 '09

Great stuff. Love that U.

hindmarshdesign said on Feb. 12 '09

Oh wow!!!! BRILLIANT solution! :)

zaiz said on Feb. 13 '09

Front page.... enorme !!!

saawan said on Feb. 13 '09


entz said on Feb. 13 '09


rogvaiv said on Feb. 14 '09

love it, wonderfull

fogra said on Feb. 18 '09

Wow!!! Excellent!

firebrand said on Feb. 20 '09


identifly said on Mar. 17 '09

wow. my mouth is still open :). brilliant idea and execution.

andreiu said on Jul. 17 '09

very nice idea! :D

GdogPdidio said on Aug. 06 '09

Thanks for the feedback everyone, this was a fun one to work on!

@bugbug-Yes I hope this makes front page someday as well, never know ;P

tass said on Aug. 07 '09

Awesome mark!

almosh82 said on Aug. 07 '09

Absolutely love it!

geniuslogo said on Aug. 07 '09

Very nice!

BigAl67 said on Aug. 07 '09

This one is ON the money! Brilliant.

MDX said on Aug. 07 '09

WOW! Perfect... that's all I have to say.

WhiteRoses said on Aug. 07 '09

I always think that the best logo solutions are strong in concept and simple in execution - this is definately that. Great work! 60 votes already - 61 now...

michaelspitz said on Aug. 07 '09


GdogPdidio said on Aug. 07 '09

@WhiteRoses - Thank you, and I agree completely.

This has by far been my favorite logo project to date, and I'm thrilled about all the great feedback I've gotten so far! Thanks everyone!

doc4 said on Aug. 07 '09

Very nice work, I love the late Seventies, early Eighties vibe from this.

effingvic said on Aug. 07 '09

This is all kinds of awesome!

GdogPdidio said on Aug. 08 '09

@doc4-Yes I agree, it does have a sort of quirky vintage feel to it, although it does still apply to a more present context as well. It's gotta be the tongue ;P

ashoo1807 said on Aug. 09 '09

Absolutely brlliant !! ... has a slight retro feel may be due to the pink & brown.. which I simply love..You HAVE to fall in love with the simplicity & attitude of this logo.. CHEERS!

luismont said on Aug. 09 '09


Andrea Orazzo Associati said on Aug. 11 '09


bouchardoli said on Aug. 12 '09

Nice use of negative space. Great work

GdogPdidio said on Aug. 12 '09

Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! Such a great response thus far on the logo. Let's go for 100! ;P

jamesvaughnn said on Aug. 12 '09

i think will look awesome on a shirt.
great job!

GdogPdidio said on Aug. 12 '09

@jamesvaughnn-I agree, maybe a coffee cup as well. I've been considering making up a mock brand design fun with this logo, anybody with any ideas as to what type of market this would fit best in, I'm open to suggestions!

pixelsapien said on Aug. 25 '09

very creative. i really dig this a lot.

unameta said on Sep. 18 '09

type done well. A bit jealous. fantastic.

Snowman134 said on Oct. 06 '09

in ten years from now, if i were to see this again, i'd most certainly recall.


datzebao said on Feb. 03 '10

One of the best logos i've ever seen. Perfect in every way.

plantingseeds said on Mar. 20 '10

This is one of the best logos on Logopond.

GdogPdidio said on Mar. 20 '10

@ plantinseeds - Thanks a lot. I'm very pleased with the great reception this logo has gotten. Would love to see it make it to the "most floated" on the front page someday soon. Thank you for the great feedback everyone, you're comment have been very helpful

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