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Description: Just for fun :)
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Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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ddd said on Feb. 09 '09

I actually like this concept. Kinda creepy with the faces, but it is pretty cool. I like the character this has. Tighten up the typo and this one is a winner.

jenlogo said on Feb. 09 '09

Thanks Nathan :) I appreciate your view and comments!

gyui said on Feb. 09 '09

i would agree with the faces. sheep wearing humans? the faces also make too busy. Is the sheep tired?

jenlogo said on Feb. 09 '09

No , the sheep isn't tired. I tried to make him look embarrassed or self-conscious, hence the word sheepish. I'm not sure why he would look tired when his eyes are wide open? Yes, there are human faces in this sheep, that's why he's called sheeple.
Anyway, thanks for your comment gyui, this one was just done for fun :)

gyui said on Feb. 09 '09

oh ok, my thinking was that sheeps are for sleeping, like counting sheep. So with his eyes not fully open, and the people faces swirling around him, i thought the sheep was getting sleepy. :)

LoGoBoom said on Feb. 09 '09

Scion uses the term "sheeple" in contrast to the "little deviants" in their cinema spots.

sebastiany said on Feb. 10 '09


jenlogo said on Feb. 11 '09

@gyui, lol! Makes sense,I guess you could look at it that way also! Thanks :)
@LoGoBoom, Interesting, I didn't know that! Thanks ;)
@sebastiany, Thanks very much, and thanks for the float!

dsauna said on Apr. 01 '09

very nice!! is the font custom made?

jenlogo said on Apr. 01 '09

Thanks dsauna! no, it's not custom, but it has been tweaked a bit :)

architeam said on Apr. 01 '09


webcore said on Apr. 01 '09

Bizzare! Very nice!

logo designer gold coast said on Apr. 01 '09

Cute and cuddly. Looks like a bit of work went into it.

theartistt said on Apr. 01 '09

I thought it portrayed a sheep counting people to stay awake. ;)

jenlogo said on Apr. 01 '09

^Thanks very much everyone! @Trish, lol, I like that idea too!!

kit said on Apr. 03 '09


Shamabella said on Apr. 03 '09

This is very creative. I like it alot

jenlogo said on Apr. 05 '09

@ kit, why not?
@ Shamabella, thanks very much!!

sanjay patil said on Apr. 08 '09

Dammm cute, I like it a lot

kit said on Apr. 08 '09

Everyone is along for the ride.

designabot said on May. 03 '09

love it ; )

jenlogo said on May. 14 '09

Thanks sanjay patil, kit and designabot!!

LorenaSchreiner said on Aug. 01 '11

Very nice!! Regards!! :)

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