by Logomotive • Uploaded: Feb. 01 '09
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Description: sharpshark, info. to be provided later.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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itsgareth said on Feb. 01 '09


itsgareth said on Feb. 01 '09

Sorry I ot carried away there, I really like this Mike E

Brandsimplicity said on Feb. 01 '09

Mike...this is nice!

webing said on Feb. 01 '09

I like it too! great job!

logomotive said on Feb. 01 '09

Thanks guys, you know the coolest part of this design is the fact that even though it's the same sharks flipped, One is viewed as the side fin and the other the top fin. The eyes are the only difference.

fogra said on Feb. 01 '09

Mike, only you can achieve a logo as pure genius as this one.

LoGoBoom said on Feb. 01 '09

You're really starting to tick me off.

Lawrence Anderson said on Feb. 01 '09

Man, I would give my left _____ to watch you work, haha.

LoGoBoom said on Feb. 01 '09

An instant fave by the way.

Type08 said on Feb. 01 '09

Pretty sick! ;)

lundeja said on Feb. 01 '09

Well done, Mike.

nido said on Feb. 01 '09

oh yeah.. & sharks.. he's good at sharks too...

outfox said on Feb. 01 '09

I really love this, those sharks are WICKED.

logomotive said on Feb. 01 '09

Thanks for the kind words my friends.

reddskinn said on Feb. 02 '09

Very nice.

OcularInk said on Feb. 02 '09

Oh come on, Mike!! Get a life already. :-P

logotivity said on Feb. 02 '09

I know this has nothing to do with the logo but aren't sharks not very intelligent? sharp sharks?

Nonetheless this is amazing as expected

Siah-Design said on Feb. 02 '09

This is really an AMAZING mark! Mike, you are insane...

smartinup said on Feb. 02 '09

that is very well executed man, very nice mark!

logomotive said on Feb. 02 '09

Thanks guys, I guess sharks are considered smart. Ever heard of a pool shark or a card shark? pretty smart. I dunnknow.

logomotive said on Feb. 02 '09

Besides it can mean sharp (hip,clever,or acute) in other ways.

nido said on Feb. 02 '09

ive never heard of sharks being 'not clever'.. but my first impression would have been pool shark/card shark.. so works.

logotivity said on Feb. 02 '09

I don't know.. Thought I went to sea world 1 time and heard someone say sharks we're stupid, maybe my kid said that :X

logomotive said on Feb. 03 '09

maybe they really are dumb? But I'm not going to test one to see :-)

THEArtistT said on Feb. 03 '09

It think card shark and pool shark is more about aggressiveness than smarts. It is about the bluff. Does that still work?

logomotive said on Feb. 03 '09

No not at all a pool shark and a card shark are knieving (however ya spell that word) and smart not so aggressive.

gyui said on Feb. 06 '09

i see a couple of things, I first saw a chubby ninja star, but then it also resembles a ying yang symbol. kind of curious what the description will be. :P

jsae said on Feb. 06 '09

regardless of their level of intelligence, these sharks are awesome!

joder said on Feb. 06 '09

Love the fin play, Bravo again LM

bugbug said on Feb. 08 '09


mcdseven said on Feb. 10 '09

mark is absolutely fantastic... logotype is ok... considering you do some lovely custom jobs on logotypes I'd treat that the same. I would imagine the mark would look cool on a T Shirt... I would nearly go as far as saying this is one of the best marks I have seen on this site.

logomotive said on Feb. 10 '09

Thanks guys.
mcdseven, thanks bud, yeah expectations lol I got lazy on the type, but appreciate the observation. :-)

augustoflores said on Feb. 11 '09


davidpcrawford said on Feb. 11 '09

I really like the icon. Good work.

A_O_K said on Feb. 16 '09

Love it!!

bedoy said on Feb. 22 '09

it is a prety work

alterego said on Feb. 24 '09

Killer concept !!!!! :)

fesja said on Feb. 25 '09

love it! The icon is wonderful!

logomotive said on Feb. 28 '09

Thanks guys.
@mcdseven, you inspired me to update the type. Notice the counters in the a's and the eyes of the sharks. I think the type compliments the mark better now.

THEArtistT said on Feb. 28 '09

I know I commented, but I did not say how much I love this. Floated and faved. One of my favorite logos of all time.

logomotive said on Feb. 28 '09

^Thanks Trish, I only charged the guy $50 ;-)

THEArtistT said on Feb. 28 '09

euro though, right? love you.

logomotive said on Feb. 28 '09

>U2 yeah!

Art Machine said on Mar. 01 '09

I can't believe I didn't comment on this. Escher would be very proud of you Mike.

Areadesign said on Mar. 01 '09

Beautiful Clever = Perfect!

Paul Rand said on Mar. 06 '09

good mark.

magicshadow said on Mar. 24 '09

cool ;)

LOGOMOTIVE said on Mar. 27 '09

@ Art yep Escher would huh?
@ PR year I was born 2 4 69 Thanks Magic.

LinkCreative said on May. 15 '09

This logo is awesome!

logomotive said on May. 17 '09

Thanks LinkCreative.

patentico said on May. 18 '09

one of the bests here, fav!

theartistt said on Jun. 16 '09

Does this seem derivative to anyone else? http://brandstack.com/brands/details/5454

alldesign said on Jul. 17 '09

This really has to be my favorite logo of yours to date. There's just soooo many good things to say about it. Amazing how clever it is -- flawless execution. Thanks for putting this up here for us to see. :)

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

http://sharpsharkdesigns.com RIP!!! just wanted to post this for Legal purpose. We all need eyes these days.

fogra said on Nov. 18 '09

Not again, Mike?! They could've picked a better font than copperplate tho. LOL.

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

Yeah, I agree. I just want witnesses to go along with it.. ARRR.

epsilon said on Nov. 18 '09


Duncan, BC. Not far from where I am.

Lecart said on Nov. 18 '09

How do you act in such cases? What if they have the nerve to say you stole it from them?

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

^ Hey hurry up with your program ;)

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

@Lecart, I called them immediatly and I am the original designer so like any case I fight it until the end. I just wish the rippers were rich. "The Truth will set you free."

firebrand said on Nov. 18 '09


logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

Mike I have the illustrator files that predate your upload at http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/52388 and have been using the sharpshark name for years, send me proof and a resonable case rather than calling me childish names. SEND me your vectors and prove it From my email in response.

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

Prove it. was the end response. HA ME prove it now. been using it for years. HA HA HA

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

The funny thing is he asked ME to send him VECTORS. look at his logo inbelievable.

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 18 '09

Is he saying HE designed it, or did someone else do it for him?

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 18 '09

Of course either way it's ridiculous bs....

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

That was his email. I copy pasted it. The sad thing is I was cordial and polite and wanted to resolve this prior to posting live, but when I felt it might be going the other direction by girlfriends response and his... I decided to to make a statement and stand up for our rights... ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

brandsimplicity said on Nov. 18 '09

Oh my goodness Mike, that will teach you for being so damn good. The cheeky little f...er, he's more than likely some 15yr old in mummy's house...one day it will be easier to sue these trolls.

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

^ha no I don't know why I have had this happen to me so much lately, maybe I have a tag saying rip me. yeah I guess I should just quite whining and give up...... too much drama

logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

THIS guy is playing hardball. LAWYER UP TIME.

Hayes Image said on Nov. 18 '09

Who's he kidding? You tell at first glance that he's just used the 'Live Trace' function in Illustrator of a bitmap source i.e. above graphic. Check out the quality (or lack there of) on the eyes...low res trace.

His original logo; http://sharpsharkdesigns.com/images/change.png

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 18 '09

While we're providing links- I went ahead and tried what Hayes said (if you don't mind me doing so Mike) and took the image straight off LP, copy and paste, then used the low res default live trace. here's what i got.



logomotive said on Nov. 18 '09

@ Hayes yeah the smoothnesss in vectors, yet I'm suppose to take my time now to prove to him the "vector" work LOL. I'm just gonna get lawyer to handle it now since I did everything to avoid making an issue.

Chad NOT at all bro, I appreciate it very much.

OcularInk said on Nov. 19 '09

Man, thieves just love to whore out your logos. Ok, so I'm guessing he has changed the logo now?

mfrank said on Nov. 19 '09

sorry to hear and see this Mike. Hopefully things get resolved. Keep us all up to date!

rudy hurtado said on Nov. 19 '09

Seems like you have a big target sign on your showcaese Mike, you shouldn't be doing beautiful work, so, IMO it's your own fault! good luck with your lawyer.

mfrank said on Nov. 19 '09

Mike..did he change the logo back on his site? I just visited it and your logo is no longer on there.

logomotive said on Nov. 19 '09

all I'm getting is a forbiddin 404 message. He also told me he changed logos and told me I have one week to provide him the proof or he's going to put logo back on. Is that not backwards r what. Now I have to while he sits on his ass with stolen design?? The nerve of people and very dumb move on his part now.

firebrand said on Nov. 19 '09

I wonder if his clients would appreciate his antics. ;)

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 19 '09

^ Said the devil on the shoulder.

logomotive said on Jan. 17 '10

Can anyone do me a favor and look at this site and see what this guy is using? I'm forbidden. http://sharpsharkdesigns.com/

nido said on Jan. 17 '10

sent you an email Mike...

logomotive said on Jan. 17 '10

Thanks Nav!

Hayes Image said on Jan. 17 '10

Glad to see they finally pulled their head in...

logomotive said on Mar. 05 '10

^ Me too but it was not easy took a week of back and forth.Unbelievable the stupidity of people.

logomotive said on Mar. 05 '10

EDIT, of some people.

logomotive said on Mar. 05 '10

^ I lack the right grammar.

michaelspitz said on Mar. 05 '10

^^^Ha! What a tale... ;) Killer stuff Mike!

logomotive said on May. 04 '10

Thanks Michaelspitz.

logopunk said on May. 09 '10

Love this, really clever rotational symmetry!

logomotive said on Feb. 09 '11

Thanks Logopunk,One of my personal favs.

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