by Koma • Uploaded: Jan. 22 '09
Gallerized Apr. '09 1b1c54d6e44660c41befad51c957c84a.png

Description: ID for a custom lowrider bikes shop.

As seen on: http://www.lowriders.ro

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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mr. m said on Jan. 22 '09

Love this. Simple, but it lets you know what they sell. I don't know anything about the company, but it could look kind of juvenile dependent on where/how it's used.

Koma said on Jan. 22 '09

thanks. yeah, well, they make and sell custom bicycles, different types for different buyers. not just juveniles :). Some kind of urban trend.

lundeja said on Jan. 22 '09

I really like this -- assembled very well.

jsae said on Jan. 22 '09

^i agree!

Koma said on Jan. 22 '09

Appreciated! :)

Muamer said on Jan. 22 '09

Well done, man! :)

tass said on Apr. 26 '09

Nice one indeed!

tass said on Apr. 26 '09

and guess what this was selected to the gallery! congratulations!

cake_sama said on Apr. 27 '09

very cool

cake_sama said on Apr. 27 '09

I like the wheels more on the version on the website though

Tømme said on Apr. 27 '09

great concept. I do agree with cake_sama about those wheels...

Koma said on Apr. 27 '09

whoa! didn't even realised this little fella entered (at laaaast) in the gallery..hehe.

about the wheels, dunno, that version on the website gives me the impression that the bike it's humping while it cruises.

(hope I spelled this right :D)

joyh said on May. 07 '09

Kinda reminds me of the Grasshopper Mower logo. Maybe it's how the font was used. http://www.grasshoppermower.com/

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