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Description: Cross

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2695Design said on Jun. 21 '07

I agree. Beautiful -- but some variations in opacity with the words might be nice... will give it more depth. Great job.

kaimere said on Jun. 21 '07

and loved this one too.... someones diggin in the crates .. and finding the gems :)

Craven91 said on Jun. 21 '07

This looks more like a movie poster graphic as opposed to a logo.

OcularInk said on Jun. 21 '07

I remember this one. Very nice job.

nido said on Jun. 22 '07

this is awsome... its par with the likes of anti-particles... but very different... if anyone knows what the hell im talking about... this is way cool anyway.. & yeah agree with craven91 it does have a movie poster look to it... but again thats good:)

Craven91 said on Jun. 22 '07

It's only good if this is a design for a movie poster. As a logo, this type of design is not working for me.

shaneg said on Jun. 22 '07

This isn't a logo, but it is a cool design, like others said, it would look nice as a poster, or even on a shirt.

identego said on Jun. 27 '07

Conceptually reminiscent of the famous formally known as Prince symbol - which was also a logo and a cool poster.

Bengus said on Jun. 28 '07

Very cool idea. Not sure how this would work on a business card, but definitely would be nice on other collateral.

Jeff Fisher LogoMotives said on Jul. 01 '07

A beautiful design. I do think it is interesting to consider this a logo - especially from the perspective that it breaks so many of the traditional 'rules' of identity design (and rules are made to be broken). It would be a great T-shirt image.

webeditors said on Jul. 01 '07

A beautiful piece of illustration, but not a logo.

Gelbdesign said on Aug. 24 '07

my favorit typographie logo :)

kingshield said on Sep. 16 '07

Very Nice. As a Christian, I love it. As a designer, I wish I could read the words.

andrefir said on Apr. 23 '08

muito bom!

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