by Logomotive • Uploaded: Jan. 17 '09
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Description: A combination of the word Loc and Key =LocKey.

As seen on: www.logomotive.net

Status: Nothing set

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jsae said on Jan. 17 '09

cool concept!

logomotive said on Jan. 17 '09

Thanks JLS glad you like it.

satansgoalie said on Jan. 17 '09

simple and brilliant!

logomotive said on Jan. 17 '09

^ That's the Key here :-)

Type08 said on Jan. 18 '09


logotivity said on Jan. 18 '09

love it

logomotive said on Jan. 19 '09

Thanks 08 and Logotivity.

penflare said on Jan. 19 '09

what am i looking for??

lundeja said on Jan. 19 '09

^The answer to life, the universe and everything?

Tats Me! said on Jan. 19 '09

cleverly executed, gives a fresh feel unlike the regular lock n key logo's.

Brandsimplicity said on Jan. 20 '09

Mike!! man you come out with some goodys.

brandcore said on Jan. 20 '09

great logo!

tiko1232 said on Jan. 20 '09

very nice mike :) I love it!

jp2id said on Jan. 20 '09

Dude... Sweet!

OcularInk said on Jan. 20 '09

I've run out of things to say. Great!

firebrand said on Jan. 20 '09


logomotive said on Jan. 20 '09

Thank you guys.

scala_humana said on Jan. 20 '09

great , nice work

strizhart said on Jan. 20 '09

Really nice mark! But smth is wrong with letter "e".

tconrad said on Jan. 20 '09

now that's what i'm talkin' about! vedy nice. tres bien again and again.

robin21 said on Jan. 20 '09


raja said on Jan. 20 '09

get a real job mike


archetyp said on Jan. 22 '09

Simple and clever, I dig.

elmickeylozano said on Jan. 23 '09

Integration is the word, dude! Mucho cool!

ebaq said on Jan. 24 '09


Cyclone200 said on Jan. 25 '09

Like jsae, nice concept ;)

mushkabella said on Jan. 28 '09

Again with the creativity. Impressive. I like the simplicity.

idil said on Jan. 28 '09

very creative.

cyberdelia said on Feb. 02 '09

Brilliant Concept!

f055 said on Feb. 11 '09

Too bad it wasn%u2019t designed for an existing company, but still this logotype is epic. That%u2019s the key, you would say.

It was the winner of my weekly roundup too @ http://f055.net/article/favlogo-roundup-number-1/

logomotive said on Feb. 11 '09

^ thanks!! guys.
@f055 cool my man, that's great. It was designed for MYKEY, ME ;-) thanks.

gorz said on Feb. 15 '09

CongratS!!!! very ellegant

nolete said on Feb. 21 '09

You make it look so simple... that's what I call inspiration. Cool logo!

logomotive said on Feb. 26 '09

Thanks gorz.
thanks nolete, yep piece of cake ;P

andreiu said on Mar. 30 '09

rocking lock! :D

2creativo said on Apr. 06 '09

Really great!
Very Good Work!

Spore* said on May. 07 '09

Great logo, so good someones stolen it of you: http://www.jumpzdesign.altervista.org/index.php?Portfolio
Few others on there too :(

sebastiany said on May. 31 '09


evaanno said on Jun. 01 '09


logomotive said on Sep. 16 '09

Thanks guys, guess I should read my comments regularly. @Spore guess he took it down?

zadvornyi.com said on Aug. 22 '10

This is greates thing what i see

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