47th Festival

by Type08 • Uploaded: Jan. 17 '09

Description: 47th Festival of movie and video making by children and youth. National project in Croatia held in a town known as 'bicycle city'. Final version.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: nationalgovernmentchildrenkidbike

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Type08 said on Jan. 17 '09

Version 2 - with national colors... :)

Kode said on Jan. 17 '09

I miss the pink one now bro:)

Type08 said on Jan. 17 '09

I know, me to... It's just an option... It's a NATIONAL project so you know how those can get sometimes... :) Thanks a lot, Kode!

nido said on Jan. 17 '09

the thing is.. & its maybe just me.. but that 47 you got there to me already looks like an abstract bike/rider... add the film/wheels to the bottom of the 47 & tweak it some maybe.. you could have your logo right there?...

Type08 said on Jan. 17 '09

Nido, thanks a lot, this is really very nice idea! But I'm afraid that's kids won't understand that, don't you think?

penflare said on Jan. 17 '09

i like this better

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 17 '09

Love the mark with the wheel reels. Being film centric I can't help but think of Amblin Entertainment though (sans the ET). But this is great.


Type08 said on Jan. 18 '09

Sean and Glen, thanks a lot!

woelve said on Jan. 19 '09

Yeah, this one is much better!

Type08 said on Jan. 19 '09

Thanks for the comment, Woelve!

logotomy said on Jan. 19 '09

This is great.

Type08 said on Jan. 19 '09

Thanks, Olivier!

ubermick said on Jan. 19 '09

Is it wrong that when I look at this, my mind almost adds a basket to the front with a little alien in it?


Type08 said on Jan. 20 '09

Guys, thanks a lot! This is a logo for a children movie making festival so I find it nice and appropriate if this even reminds them on ET movie. By the way, 99% of them weren't even born then, 79% probably didn't see that movie and 29% probably didn't hear of Steven Spielberg... So, it's all good! :) :)

Type08 said on Apr. 28 '09

Happy to inform you that I just got the confirmation here - client is going with this one! Festival will be held in September 09 and you're all invited! :)

brandon Barnard said on Apr. 28 '09

it took the client awhile to aprrove this one, great logo!

Type08 said on Apr. 28 '09

Thanks, Brandon! Yep, sometimes it takes awhile! But this one will be joy to work on (entering application phase)! :)

logoholik said on Apr. 28 '09

Congrats! Nice as usual!

Type08 said on Apr. 28 '09

Thanks a lot, Bojan!

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