by kasiatheslav • Uploaded: Jan. 15 '09
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Description: Academy of Fine Arts logo proposal

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Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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gyui said on Jan. 15 '09

me likey! it can almost be an ambigram too :P

firebrand said on Jan. 15 '09

Clever. I saw asp before reading the description.

dimARTirosov said on Jan. 15 '09

It's a nice one :)

epsilon said on Jan. 15 '09

Really nice, but I am not sure if it actually fits the academy of Fine Arts well. Feels a bit too heavy and .. err .. unrefined if you will.

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 15 '09

Love it and I think it fits the cause.

sadesigner said on Jan. 16 '09

Awesome! Congratulations :)

AdamTheNumberOneMan said on Jan. 16 '09

jest wporzadku


jsae said on Jan. 16 '09

so cool!

Puffmoike said on Jan. 18 '09

I only saw an S with a few flourishes until I read the description.

I'd try extending the descender of the the P. At the moment it is the shortest of the three letters, when usually it would be the taller than a lowercase A and S. Making the P at least as tall as the other letters it might help legibility.

wilsonink said on Jan. 20 '09

really good mark!

kasiatheslav said on Jan. 27 '09


Tahnk you and you're right, right and right but there's just one "but" ------- extending the descender of the the P will distroy the harmony and balance.

As usual I was looking for the "magic golden middle".

andreiu said on May. 24 '09

this one is really good

MomentumMagazine said on May. 24 '09

Clever and neat!

typographics said on May. 25 '09

Good work. It doesn't read clearly at first, but once you know it is ASP it all comes together. Sometimes a logo like this simply needs a small amount of education before it can be successful.

crislabno said on May. 25 '09

super Kasiu :)

m2santhu said on May. 25 '09

intresting visual idea...keep it up

leoramires said on May. 25 '09

very good

terry bogard said on May. 25 '09

very nice indeed. I saw the a F right away.

tconrad said on May. 25 '09

nice nice nice.

Daniel Hatcher said on May. 25 '09


Printdevil said on May. 27 '09

Love this. With my ESP I could see the ASP :-)

tao said on May. 28 '09

anciend and modern at the same time! Timeless logo. Good work!

flamaster said on May. 28 '09

%u015Bwietny znak :)

gold coast website design said on May. 28 '09

What the??

grubedoo said on Jun. 03 '09

Very nice mark.

gjrdesign said on Jun. 13 '09

Fantastic solution. Great fusion of words.

bibi1216 said on Oct. 12 '10

i didnt see a P. i saw an A, F, and an S, i mean i see a P but to me it does not make sense to throw in a P. its an F

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