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Description: as per Toni's request. here is my third version. I think it looks best but is Africa Gone?

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

Still see Africa?......Toni.

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

I even got Madagascar in there :-)

firebrand said on Jan. 04 '09

Maybe a bit subtle now?

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

Well, thanks for your input Toni, being a "Giraffe Guru" AND a logo designer you pull some weight into my decision, however..... I did like the solid aspect but we shall see if others feel subtleness in this design works? Visually it's the most appealing IMO.

lundeja said on Jan. 04 '09

I keep shuffling between the three and visually this one is the most appealing, yes, and I think if you're looking for Africa in the spots it is visible, but otherwise maybe a bit too subtle? It's hard for me to say because I already know its there. I think my vote would be for V2, though, because the size and location of Africa in that one really make it stand out and at the same time it maintains a good perspective of the giraffe.

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

sorry lundeja, updated this at the same time as your post. this might be a solution???

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09


lundeja said on Jan. 04 '09

I'll take bi-color for the win, please ;)

lundeja said on Jan. 04 '09

or tri, I guess depending on how you look at it.

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

Me tooooooo DONE!

nido said on Jan. 04 '09

hows about a lion?...

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

how about some quote marks?

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

"Africlion" good idea nido.

nido said on Jan. 04 '09

lol!... hows about some quote marks?... nice...

firebrand said on Jan. 04 '09

How about if the lighter brown was slightly warmer?

fogra said on Jan. 04 '09

If it aint broke, why fix it? The original one was much better.

logomotive said on Jan. 04 '09

Sean, apparently it was that's why I fixed it... Just ask Toni :-)
Visually I like this one.Roy, I reversed?
finding out why a green flag is not always the best, you get pulled in a few different directions.

cerise said on Jan. 04 '09

I like em all. If I was selling it to a client I would probably differentiate the Africa map colour a bit so it stands out even more. Even though it's still real nice. Many opinions on this one though eh!!

cerise said on Jan. 05 '09

Just showed my better half this one, she is very fussy and thought this was really awesome!

gyui said on Jan. 05 '09

i think this is really well done, great colors!

OcularInk said on Jan. 05 '09

Mike brought the sexy back a long time ago!!

OcularInk said on Jan. 05 '09

Hahaha. :-P

grabbdesigns said on Jan. 05 '09

I love this logo. I completely agree with how Africa is subtle in the giraffe, I havn't been on to see the other versions so I didn't know it was there, but I did notice it. Nice touch!

sebastiany said on Jan. 05 '09

love it.

logomotive said on Jan. 05 '09

Thanks guys, and thanks for all the help (Toni).
I'm too sexy for my car,to sexy for my car, too sexy by far :-)

logomotive said on Jan. 06 '09

^thanks God

logotivity said on Jan. 08 '09

what is wrong with you guys.. :)

LoGoBoom said on Jan. 08 '09

ah man...I wanna be sexy

SANDHYA said on Jan. 08 '09

Great one! Reminded me of Yoga Australia :)

rambal said on Jan. 09 '09

simply love it.

logomotive said on Jan. 09 '09

@logotivity, weird bunch huh?
@ Logoboom, you R
@ SANDHYA, yeah Roy rules.
Thanks Rambal :-)

oronoz ® said on Jan. 09 '09

wow this is greaaat!!

Brandsimplicity said on Jan. 09 '09

Damn that's one sexy beast!

designabot said on Jan. 10 '09

amazing logo!
i love the subtleties... just great

mcfluff said on Jan. 10 '09


raja said on Jan. 10 '09

tall work order but again, spot on!

onesummer said on Jan. 10 '09

rock on, giraffes, rhinos, lions, gazelles... you've got a knack for animals that live in africa!

logomotive said on Jan. 10 '09

Thanks guys, yeah tall order,is a sexy beast and yeah animals are fun subjects to work with. Appreciate the comments. I'm compiling my Logomozoo portfolio :-)

cobaltcow said on Jan. 10 '09

i love the subtlety of the text. it took me a second but I saw 'africa' pretty quick. perfect for the second look :)

Phoenix said on Jan. 14 '09

Granted i havent seen the other ones but i had no problem seeing the shape of africa as part of the Giraffe, I think its spot on, I even noticed it on the smaller preview first which is what brought me to look at the bigger version.
Subtle detailing, Good work!!

Gláucio said on Jan. 21 '09

I like.

estorde said on Jan. 23 '09

without words

idil said on Jan. 28 '09


logomotive said on Jan. 28 '09

Thanks guys, yeah giraffe's are kind of sexy animals huh? but us 5'8" guys can be too as pointed out by Toni. ;-)

alecs.stan said on Mar. 02 '09

Africa is hard to see , but not impossible

lboi said on Apr. 22 '09

You would never know why I love this logo so much!! :-)

logomotive said on Apr. 22 '09

^Because it's sexy like me?
curiosity has got me now?

designabot said on May. 06 '09

i keep coming back to this Mike.
Dam you this is so freaking great... really one of my fave logos of all time!

logomotive said on May. 07 '09

Thanks Rich, nice words my friend.

december.jy said on Oct. 15 '10

simple. awesome.

logomotive said on May. 05 '12

Thanks december.jy.
It's so cool how the 'variations' change now on view. Nice Job David.

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