Moving Water

by Type08 • Uploaded: Dec. 18 '08
Gallerized Jun. '09 faba2967dc3def835e2a10affeb74c07.png

Description: Water purification and treatment company based in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: glasscalmsouthafricatreatment

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grabbdesigns said on Dec. 18 '08

very nice! i wonder how this would look if the water was just barely dripping out/off the bowl? like the color scheme too, very tranquil!

Type08 said on Dec. 18 '08

It's MOVING not SIPPING water! Water is very precious thing, you know? Just kidding... Wanted to keep it 'tranquil' as you said, that's why I didn't do it... Thanks!

geniuslogo said on Dec. 18 '08

WOW this is great logo Alen!!!

Type08 said on Dec. 18 '08

Thanks a lot, Milos! Just keeping it simple (enough)! :)

grabbdesigns said on Dec. 18 '08

LOL understandable type08!

gyui said on Dec. 18 '08

really like the simplicity of this Type08!

epsilon said on Dec. 18 '08

The idea is nice. But the mark that is shaped exactly like this is routinely and actively used by a contact lenses industry. I'd seriously consider tweaking the shape to be more square like, or at the very least rounding the corners.

nido said on Dec. 18 '08

great movement!

firebrand said on Dec. 18 '08

V subtle!

jsae said on Dec. 18 '08


THEArtistT said on Dec. 18 '08


Type08 said on Dec. 18 '08

Thanks people!

OcularInk said on Dec. 18 '08

It's quite captivating.

mikeyn said on Dec. 18 '08

excellent !

Type08 said on Dec. 18 '08

Thank you, Kevin and Mihai!

Muamer said on Dec. 19 '08

Smooth! Well done, Alen :)

Type08 said on Dec. 19 '08

Thanks a lot, my friend! :)

Brandsimplicity said on Dec. 20 '08

I keep coming back to this...inspiring bro!

Houston-we said on Dec. 20 '08

Alen, this is really good!

Type08 said on Dec. 20 '08

Fabian and Dalius, thank you my friends!

cyberdelia said on Dec. 21 '08

feng-shui )

Type08 said on Dec. 21 '08

Yep, something like that! Thanks a lot, Serge!

crislabno said on Jan. 10 '09

sweet jesus , this is LOGODESIGN

AlexWende said on Jan. 10 '09

This is very cool & subtile/simple! Great :)

Type08 said on Jan. 10 '09

Cris and Alex, thank you my friends! I appreciate it a lot!

peclat said on Jan. 30 '09

Omg, i can feel it moving! awsome!

Type08 said on Jan. 30 '09

Hahaa, thanks Alfredo!

Type08 said on Mar. 16 '09

Yep, I agree! :) Thanks, Nima!

cseven said on Apr. 27 '09

Hey Alen - I love this one.

Type08 said on Apr. 28 '09

Hey Chris - thanks a lot! :)

tass said on May. 12 '09

You have got such many great works in this showcase...
Congratulations and respect. As someone said very inspiring.
Really nice concepts, shapes, colors, typefaces.
All the best to you.

Type08 said on May. 13 '09

Tass, thanks a lot for very kind words and support, I really appreciate it! Cheers! :)

alterego said on Jun. 28 '09

one of my fev in ur showcase ...well done mate :)

cseven said on Jun. 28 '09

Nice to see this make the gallery : )

Type08 said on Jun. 29 '09

Shaun, Shylesh, Chris and Randall, thanks a lot guys! And David, of course! :)

QuirkDesign said on Jun. 29 '09

So clean and simple, yet fresh. Very cool!

Type08 said on Jun. 29 '09

Rad and Jeff, thanks a lot! :)

teight said on Jun. 29 '09

Nice logo, I see this logo every night when I take out my contacts and put cleaning solution in one while the contact is resting on the tip of my finger =)

Farmill said on Jun. 29 '09


l-emental designs said on Jun. 29 '09


tokostyler said on Jun. 30 '09

what you say about the positive version?

Type08 said on Jun. 30 '09

T8, Farmill, LED, Chic and Toko, thanks for looking in.
Toko, if you look close enough you'll see that the bowl is not quite white, it has sort of 'glass effect' and that way it works on white background as well. It looks even hotter that way, maybe I'll post it soon... :)

davido said on Jun. 30 '09

bowl's water really capture my attention. cool!

dbunk said on Jul. 01 '09

moved.... grt colors

mabu said on Jul. 02 '09

Simply awesome my friend!

Type08 said on Jul. 02 '09

Davido, Marvin, Sindur and Mads, thanks a lot people, I appreciate your support! :)

stetka said on Jul. 02 '09

This is the best logo in the whole world I think :)

eziemac said on Jul. 03 '09

Its almost relaxing! nice work, Alen :)

serb1an said on Jul. 03 '09

Very nice

Type08 said on Jul. 04 '09

Stetka (!), Euan and John, thank you very much! :)

McGuire Design said on Jul. 06 '09

@Type08 - Subtle, yet effective. Great work.

Type08 said on Jul. 06 '09

Thanks a lot, doc! And megagratz on that Brandstack gig! :)

zaiz said on Jul. 07 '09

Awesome, quiet and expressive. i like it

Type08 said on Jul. 07 '09

Thank you, Sylvain! Glad that you do! :)

S.Aslan said on Jul. 11 '09


Type08 said on Jul. 20 '09

Thhaaaaaaaankksssssss, Serdar! :)

coy said on Jul. 20 '09

nice and subtle approach to showing moving water. love it.

Type08 said on Jul. 21 '09

Thanks, Jason! :)

Type08 said on Jul. 24 '09

My dear Logopond friends! I'm celebrating my 1st Logopond birthday today!!! :)
Thank you for all your kind words, critiques and support, I love you all!

firebrand said on Jul. 24 '09

Happy birthday, Alen. You're now officially part of the furniture.

Type08 said on Jul. 24 '09

LOL! Thanks a lot, my RedOrangeYellow friend! :)

logoholik said on Jul. 24 '09

And only yesterday i remember thinking, whoah, that rookie has some potential :) Glad you joined this gang Alen! Many more years full of wonderful designs and maybe, just maybe, you get a chance to be featured again :)

fogra said on Jul. 24 '09

Wow, that year has just flown by, Alen.

Type08 said on Jul. 24 '09

Bojane, hvala ti puno! And a nice opportunity to really thank David again, I think I did my feature status for the rest of my life here! :) I appreciate it David! :)
Sean, yeah, it lasted 271 logos! Swoosh! Thanks for all the support from your side buddy! :)

dbunk said on Jul. 24 '09

Just great to have you and your inspirational designs! Cheers :)

Type08 said on Jul. 24 '09

Thanks a lot, Sindur!

bhog said on Jul. 24 '09

Wow! Don't spill it. This is awesome!

Type08 said on Jul. 27 '09

Thanks, Bryan!

Type08 said on Jul. 31 '09

Hehe, thanks DD! Peace! :)

felro said on Aug. 06 '09

80th float...just waiting for the right time Alen hahah

Type08 said on Aug. 06 '09

Hahaaa! :) Thanks buddy! By the way, I miss your old avatar! :(

jldavisdesign said on Sep. 11 '09

This is great. The fact you have the water moving left instead of right adds a bit of surprise. Brilliant.

Lecart said on Sep. 11 '09

This is brilliant, love the type! :)

Art Machine said on Sep. 11 '09

Not ony that its also a counterpoint to the heavy right side of the typeface.

JF said on Sep. 11 '09

Nice! Great balance here.

Type08 said on Sep. 15 '09

JLD, Lecart, Julian (good eye) and Jay F, thanks a lot people! I appreciate it!

designabot said on Sep. 24 '09

i am disgusted at myself that I hadn't floated this one before!!
simply beautiful ; )

Type08 said on Sep. 26 '09

Hahahaaaa, Rich! Very original! Thanks my man! :)

Metageist said on Oct. 06 '09

Cleverly subtle.

Type08 said on Oct. 07 '09

Thanks a lot, Free Thinking Design!

joeydee said on Nov. 26 '09

1 word; PERFECT!

Type08 said on Nov. 26 '09

Thanks a lot, Joey!

JoePrince said on Jan. 09 '10

Love this one Alen.

Type08 said on Jan. 09 '10

Thanks Joe, this is my Club100 candidate :)

janzabransky said on Jan. 12 '10

I love it, too.

JF said on Jan. 12 '10

Type08....so, which Club 100 are you talking about?

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

Jan, thanks a lot!
JF, that is something I have been trying to suggest here - The Club 100 logos - logos that got 100 or more votes (support from 100 members). I have noticed that there is not so many of those, maybe something like 30 or 40 so far, so they really present the cream of the logo design here on the Pond, or should I say, the most beautiful lotuses around! ;)

JF said on Jan. 12 '10

Sounds like a great idea, but chances are people could abuse it in my opinion. Too easy to fake. For instance: lbbrand. Most favorited member -- ? Suspected to be gaming the system by the site owner [posted in forum recently]. It comes to mind because it's recent memory. Regardless, if it could be foolproof/corruption-proofed, that would be great.

JF said on Jan. 12 '10

P.S.: This logo is worthy of a 'club 100' mention, in my opinion. Good work.

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

Well floating so far has been proofed, I didn't see a chance to vote for anything twice so in that means it would work. Different thing is opening multiple accounts and voting for your own logo or asking people offline to do that even if they don't like it, so I guess there are ways... Lame ways, but ways... Anyhow, it would still be interesting to see them at one place, 100 members is a really huge support (anywhere, not just here)...

Houston-we said on Jan. 12 '10

Alen, I think it's a nice idea. About the lbbrand - he favorited 200 showcases - that's why he's in that top.

As for the idea, I like it. I think it would be nice to have a way to see all of those, not just 10 most floated. It wouldn't be easy to abuse, since it could be done that a logo must have 100 float AND be selected to the gallery to become one of the club...

Great logo btw.

Wizemark said on Jan. 12 '10

Great logo and great idea.

JF said on Jan. 12 '10

Actually, Houston-we...unfortunatetly, I disagree. You're the top 'favorites'-having member; you have nearly 162 pages of 24 favorites on each -- totaling 3878 favorites, and you're listed below as having 3878 favorites in the 'Most Favorites' category, a separate category from the 'Most Favorited Member' category [where lbbrand is #1]...

Houston-we said on Jan. 12 '10

hey JF, favorting logos and showcases are different :)

JF said on Jan. 12 '10

You know, you bring up a good point. So, if I'm a 'favorited member' that means I favorited the showcase of _others_, rather than have my owm showcase favorited? I got the impression from the comment the site owner made on "this thread":http://logopond.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3801 that lbbrand had created fake accounts and favorited their own showcase to get ahead there.

Houston-we said on Jan. 12 '10

JF you're right. It's a wrong title.

firebrand said on Jan. 12 '10

I think all of those stats could do with updating. The most favourited member is ridiculously manipulated. And it seems Antiparticle is the best logo ever designed which is not the case IMO.

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

Wize, Dalius and JF, thanks peeps!
Roy, I agree with you!

JF said on Jan. 12 '10

^Agree with Firebrand. Because 'Most Favorited Member' would usually mean [to me] the member who has the showcase that most people have favorited, how about calling it 'Most Favorite Members' <-- there's an 's' there, and no 'd' there...?

LOGOMOTIVE said on Jan. 12 '10

There ya go bro 99 ;)

brandsimplicity said on Jan. 12 '10

100 ;)

JoePrince said on Jan. 12 '10

Alen quick, do the honors of taking 100!

alto said on Jan. 12 '10

Champagne pops, confetti falls, and the crowd cheers ;) HAPPY 100!!

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

OK, OK, I want to thank the academy, my mom and my dad, all the people..... :) THANK YOU MY FRIENDS! CLUB100! REALLY HONORED!
Mike, your always count as 2, thank you Mr. Motive!

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

Fabster, Joe, Alto, love yah all! Now I'll get drunk with all that water from the bowl! ;)

nido said on Jan. 12 '10

100 whats?...

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '10

Nah man, 100 floats...

nido said on Jan. 12 '10

oh... 100 floats.. that old thing...

Rokac said on Jan. 12 '10

Congrats Alen. Well deserved mate:)

janzabransky said on Jan. 12 '10

Alen this is ZEN, I enjoy watching this logo, its like animated, it moves water, really, I believe :-) congrats my friend

Type08 said on Jan. 13 '10

Roko and Jan, really appreciate it guys, thank you!

designoman said on Feb. 05 '10

Great idea!

Type08 said on Feb. 06 '10

Thanks, Alexey!

Petro said on Feb. 11 '10


Type08 said on Feb. 11 '10

Thanks, Peter!

firebrand said on Mar. 03 '10

Yes Alen. Let's make sure London happens this year... and the Logopond book next year.

Type08 said on Mar. 03 '10

It's a deal my friend! I'm superexcited!

sbj said on Mar. 15 '10

111..... alen dear is it still in progress.. great patience..n nice work

plantingseeds said on Mar. 22 '10

There's a real classy simplicity to this. Really cool.

Type08 said on Mar. 25 '10

Thanks, Saurabh! :)
Thank you, Colm, I love your new Moon40 version! :)

jennyb said on Jan. 22 '11

So many ways this could have been executed that could have so easily been construed as "cliche" yet you veered of the beaten path beautifully, excellente`!

Type08 said on Jan. 24 '11

Thanks a lot Jenny! That's a very nice compliment :)

justinbakerdesigns said on May. 19 '11

One of my favorite logos

Type08 said on Sep. 22 '11

Thank you Justin, I'm honored!

natuphoricxxx said on Jan. 17 '12

This looks awesome, extremely well executed design :)

Type08 said on Jan. 18 '12

Thanks Nat!

DwaSiedem said on Feb. 08 '12

Moving idea.

Type08 said on Feb. 09 '12

Thank you, 27!
I am happy to announce that this brand name and logo will from now on stand for a water purification and treatment company, based in Johannesburg, South Africa!

Mikeymike said on Feb. 09 '12

awesome, Alen. this logo moved to a good place. :D

Type08 said on Feb. 09 '12

Thanks buddy! I agree, this is my flagship and it will sail in some great waters now! :D

niceandripe said on Apr. 17 '12

very clever

type08 said on Apr. 20 '12

Thank you, England! :)

buyer said on Sep. 11 '12

It's one of my favorite

Type and signs said on Sep. 11 '12

magic .... !

Type08 said on Sep. 12 '12

Thanks a bunch, guys!

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