Boston Crabs Lacrosse

by CT7 • Uploaded: Dec. 18 '08

Description: The Crabs desperately needed an updated logo, but under a tight timeframe (3 days). The existing color palette needed to be used, but the artwork was completely open to redesign.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: CrabsLacrosseSports

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gyui said on Dec. 18 '08

it would be kind of neat if you saw more of the crab

CT7 said on Dec. 18 '08

True, but it does start to get very complicated, the more parts of the crab you include.

Plus, take into account this will probably be embroidered or printed on fabric, stickers for helmets, etc.

CT7 said on Dec. 18 '08

Any feedback from you guys would be great - even if you want to bash it, bash away! I can take it.

logomotive said on Dec. 18 '08

My first thoughts, the same as gyui and eliminate the shield. Has much potential.

logomotive said on Dec. 18 '08

Maybe even slightly arch the type and reverse the colors?

CT7 said on Dec. 18 '08

Cool, I'll try reversing the colors and arching the type.

But eliminating the shield and keeping the crab would be problematic for embroidery and printing on fabric. And just having the type seems like not enough, idk.

gyui said on Dec. 19 '08

what about a more illustrative version of the crab instead of a more literal version?

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