by puffmoike • Uploaded: Dec. 14 '08

Description: Proposal for a logotype for a small PR firm.

All suggestions gratefully accepted.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: negative spaceplus

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penflare said on Dec. 14 '08

this draws my attention, i really like it. may i ask what font that is?

STICKS said on Dec. 14 '08

I like to look at it, and think the negative space works well, but i dont see how the shape it makes adds to the concept of conceptual writing? Think it confuses the Identity.

But, as i said before, I like to look at it ;)

epsilon said on Dec. 14 '08

Great idea.

If I am to complain, I think the kerning looks a bit too tight

Puffmoike said on Dec. 14 '08

@penflare - The font is Gotham Ultra: the Font You Can Believe In.

@STICKS - The logo is for an ex-journalist's company called "XXXXX Plus XXXXX" (don't want her finding this through Google just yet - like a previous client did before I presented it), which will primarily produce marketing and PR pieces. This info probably helps make the shape make more sense! ;-)

@epsilon - I found the kerning needed to be tight to ensure the negative space for the top of the plus sign worked - a bigger gap and it seemed likely to fall apart. But I'll certainly have another look - thanks for the comment.

gyui said on Dec. 15 '08

i think you need to close the gap at top of the cross, the gap between "W" and "O".

Puffmoike said on Dec. 15 '08

@gyui - Thanks for the suggestion (and interesting when compared to epsilon's comment that the overall kerning/tracking felt a bit tight).

I've just had a bit of a play, and the W & O benefit from kissing. However to completely fill the gap above the plus sign would require ridiculously tight tracking, so I had to artificially fill the remaining roughly triangular shape. This seems to work well when the logo is reproduced at relatively small sizes (such as that displayed on Logopond), as the cleaner lines help for clarity, and the plus sign is pretty unmistakeable.

I'm not so convinced when I display it fullscreen though, because - to me at least - the infill becomes pretty obvious (and the plus sign is almost too obvious). I'll experiment a little more tomorrow with the proportions of the plus sign, and see if I can make it work. Thanks again for the suggestion.

Matheus said on Dec. 15 '08

great use of negative space

Puffmoike said on Dec. 16 '08

I have uploaded a slightly modified version of the original design, incorporating the excellent advice of gyui to close off the space originally found between W, O and the top of the plus sign. Small details can make all the difference, particularly for a simple logotype such as this one, and I think gyui's advice has improved this concept markedly.

gyui said on Dec. 16 '08

Hey Puffmoike, the " " looks great in your type. :) Nice job!

gyui said on Dec. 16 '08

oops, the quotes are suppose to say "plus sign" :P

ryantoyota said on Mar. 13 '09

Beautiful. I absolutely love this.

Oh, and I think the kerning looks great and is needed to achieve the strong negative mark... I mean plus mark... you know what I mean ;)

theartistt said on Mar. 13 '09

I would tick the I in image to the left just a tad. The same amount of space between it and the M as there is between the bottom of the S and the D.

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