Ed's Electric

by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Dec. 09 '08

Description: proposal for local electrical company...

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: monogramelectric

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reddskinn said on Dec. 09 '08

It's a great concept

jsae said on Dec. 09 '08

yes, excellent concept!

THEArtistT said on Dec. 09 '08

This is fantastic but have you looked around to see if there are any similar designs out there? I would be surprised if there weren't any. But I would also be surprised if they are executed near as well as yours. Great job.

epsilon said on Dec. 09 '08

Very cool use of negative space. Very simple and clean looking too. Floated.

THEArtisT has a point though - I'd check for dupes.

siah-design said on Dec. 09 '08

Thanks reddskinn, jsae and ArtistT!

@Artistt: no, I haven't checked for similar designs yet. Their may be similar ideas out there, but using it to make a monogram of E.D. may be a little more unique... At least I hope so :)

Art Machine said on Dec. 09 '08


firebrand said on Dec. 09 '08

Well if it hasn't been done before, kudos to you. Well executed.

sebastiany said on Dec. 09 '08

well done!

Matheus said on Dec. 09 '08

nicely done

joder said on Dec. 09 '08

Floater fer sure. Top notch.

oronoz ® said on Dec. 09 '08


indiview said on Dec. 09 '08

negative space doesnt get any more perfect than this

Lawrence Anderson said on Dec. 09 '08

Great stuff.

Type08 said on Dec. 09 '08

Good work, Siah!

janzabransky said on Dec. 10 '08


itsgareth said on Dec. 10 '08

nice, same concept as my logo for Havan Electrical :)

waggit said on Dec. 10 '08

very nice. ticks all the boxes for great design!

spasquini said on Dec. 10 '08


canhur said on Dec. 10 '08


coraud said on Dec. 10 '08

pretty cool design

levelb said on Dec. 10 '08

Wow, perfect concept!

sdijock said on Dec. 10 '08

Dude, spot-on graphic. Nice work. Fav'd.

siah-design said on Dec. 10 '08

Thanks ArtMachine, Firebrand,Sebastiany, Matheus, Joder, Oronez,Indiview,Lawrence, Alen, Janzabransky, Gareth,Waggit, Spasquini, Canhur, Coraud, LevelB, Sdijock! Really appreciate it! :)

brandcore said on Dec. 10 '08

very good concept!

penflare said on Dec. 10 '08

awesome job josiah, perfectly done

nickosma said on Dec. 10 '08

veeeery nice idea, congrats, regards

danijr said on Dec. 10 '08


Muamer said on Dec. 10 '08

Well done, Siah! :)

siah-design said on Dec. 10 '08

Thanks Brandcore, Sean, Nick, Danijr and Muamer! Ya'll rock! ;)

teight said on Dec. 10 '08


cristiano gonçalo said on Dec. 10 '08


cristiano gonçalo said on Dec. 10 '08

Very Nice Man, congratulations.

dotd420 said on Dec. 10 '08

SOO GOOD! didnt even see the 'D'.

rudy said on Dec. 10 '08

Well done...kudos.

dpdzyne said on Dec. 10 '08

Brilliant, I absolutely love this!

Mars said on Dec. 10 '08

Clever! Nice use of negative space.

siah-design said on Dec. 10 '08

@teight,cristiano, dotd420, b3nder,rudy, dpdzyne and mars:

Once again, really appreciate all the positive comments!

logomotive said on Dec. 10 '08


rambal said on Dec. 10 '08

nice one.. The negative space speaks a lot.

siah-design said on Dec. 10 '08

Wahoo!! Logomotive called me a jerk! ;)

Thanks, too, Rambal :)

mavric said on Dec. 11 '08

truly nice work bro, clapping!!!


OcularInk said on Dec. 11 '08


gyui said on Dec. 11 '08

i just wanted to offer my congrats too siah-design, really nice, clean logo!:)

ara_p said on Dec. 11 '08

Nicely done! It took me a second to see the "E" and now it's all I see. :-)

jenlogo said on Dec. 11 '08

Love this. Well done!

karbanovich said on Dec. 11 '08

very creative and simple!

siah-design said on Dec. 11 '08

LOL @Kevin. mavric, Gyui, are_p, jen and karbanovich: Thanks everyone ;) Muchly appreciated. Logopond is such a great place... :)

jasoncho said on Dec. 11 '08

bold, great!

logotivity said on Dec. 11 '08

The town of Ed, Ed's electric.. haha.. Nice job siah, jerk!

karimix said on Dec. 11 '08

Good job!!

sanjay patil said on Dec. 12 '08

Great job

siah-design said on Dec. 12 '08

Kudos to jasoncho, logotivity, karimix and sanjay patil for the kind words. Thanks boys!

Kwaku said on Dec. 12 '08

that's the spirit !

dado said on Dec. 13 '08

A eso llamo yo un un logo! Bien Hecho!

rfrusso said on Dec. 13 '08

Wow. This is pretty much perfect.

scala_humana said on Dec. 13 '08

simply clever, love it!

keoshi said on Dec. 13 '08

de putamadre

siah-design said on Dec. 13 '08

@Kwaku, dado, rfrusso, scala_humana and Houston: Once again thanks everyone! Really grateful the concept popped into my head... :)

siah-design said on Dec. 13 '08

And thanks Keoshi, too! :)

cerise said on Dec. 13 '08

Very Brilliant and all that Josiah

siah-design said on Dec. 14 '08

Thanks cerise! :)

dozdius said on Dec. 18 '08

Brrrrrrrrrrrrilliant, I'm shocked by simplicity and the idea.


Facu12 said on Dec. 20 '08

look for the logo of the new E-MINI couper...

almost it's very cool

firebrand said on Dec. 20 '08

siah-design said on Dec. 20 '08

I was wondering if there was a similar concept out there... I think they are different enough though.

magicshadow said on Dec. 20 '08


bedoy said on Dec. 20 '08

it es a very beatiful "logo" excelent

harlock2019 said on Dec. 29 '08


Tats Me! said on Dec. 29 '08


logotomy said on Jan. 01 '09


AtomDesign said on Jan. 08 '09

Great idea!!!

satansgoalie said on Jan. 17 '09

i love this. great idea!

kitchen said on Jan. 23 '09

I think you did a good execution, but the logo was created for "ED Milan" by famous designer Gianni Bortolotti.


Siah-Design said on Jan. 24 '09

@kitchen Interesting. Never saw that one before. They are fairly different looking - but it is the same concept. It's a big world....

bigjerk said on Jan. 27 '09


tanyildiz said on Jan. 29 '09

just excellent!

satya said on Feb. 05 '09

Added to favorites.

RobTaylor said on Feb. 06 '09


maxrho said on Feb. 11 '09

love the logo, but cmon, you never saw http://www.studio-bortolotti.it/ed.html before? ya right :D

Brandsimplicity said on Feb. 11 '09

That is the first time I have seen that...I've been doing this for 15 year ...sometimes with designs such as these the simpleness of the design is also a designers curse...bugger it's been done before:D

THEArtistT said on Feb. 12 '09

ClimaxDesigns is absolutely right. When I went to college for commercial design, our instructor had an ego the size of DC. We only saw his work the whole time. I also went to school back in the 80s when commercial art being taught was new so there weren't a lot of books available (we used none) for instructors to access. I was never taught trends or styles and we only had SuperPaint and FreeHand to design in. The instructor would give you an entity name and you came up with something. If the instructor like it you got a good grade, if not you got a bad grade. You hoped your instructor had a good imagination and liked you. Until I started reading the Graphic Designer newsletter a couple of years ago, I had never heard of any 'famous' designers before.

Siah-Design said on Feb. 12 '09

Thanks for the support David, Jon, Fabian and Trish - appreciate it.

Indeed, (as stated before) I had not seen that logo before either. I'm finding out how the big the world really is... kinda depressing... :)

@Fabian: So true. Striving for simple logos can have it's drawbacks...

The concept is the same but I think there is enough difference between the two to keep it for another company, no?

I don't think the Ed Milana logo had anything to do with an electric outlet - I'm pretty sure that was just a simple monogram.

THEArtistT said on Feb. 12 '09

Check it out to be sure. I agree that if the industries are not related and they are used in different locations/countries, you should be good.

Paul Rand said on Mar. 08 '09

this is freakin' brilliant!

Siah-Design said on Mar. 19 '09

Thanks Paul!

hindmarshdesign said on Apr. 05 '09

I like how much more visable the E is in yours :)

tomokeefe said on May. 05 '09

I'm late on this topic....
for starters it took me 1 google search to find the other logo so I find it hard to believe for one minute that Siah did not see this logo before. With that said...
When I look at both logos side-by-side I feel that the same designer did both. The over-all concepts are the same. 1 is more clever then the other. The ED %u2013 Elettro Domestici version is the more clever one. It feels that this logo shown here was a earlier version of the other logo. Unless Siah came out with his concept first I don't buy into that he never seen this before.

ok lets play pretend for a minute for the sake of discussion on Siah's logo.
I think it's distracting to have both plugs on each side. I feel that it could of been simplified and to me it doesn't read "ED" it reads "E" and if i were to take the plug to be "D" then it would read as "DED"

I think the Elettro Domestici logo concept much nicer and clever as well as brilliant.



epsilon said on May. 05 '09

> I don't buy into that he never seen this before.

In other words he is lying. Just say it as is. Damn the niceties. Go for the balls.

tomokeefe said on May. 05 '09

Maybe he didn't in fact see it. I still find that hard to believe since the first thing i would of done in the beginning is do a Google search on the name to see if anyone else there did a "ED" or "ED ELECTRIC" logo. Why? Hmm it's called researching and at least to find out what others in the same space have done? Could i be wrong? YES! Could I be right? YES! Look at both side-by-side they look like the same person did both. Just one is better then the other in MY OPINION. ;)

theartistt said on May. 05 '09

tomokeefe, I designed a pretty complicated logo the other day. now I did do the research and unfortunately found an almost exact version already out there. I can tell you, for sure, there was absolutely no way I could have seen that other logo (a Japanese Military logo of all things). Yet I practically designed an exact replica. And that is not he only time that has happened with me. I designed a logo for a construction company and did a quick search through the trademark site and found the exact same concept (not as well executed) used by a spa in the same damn town.

This is a very simple concept and design. I stated above I would have been surprised if the idea hadn't already been designed. I would bet there are more than what you can find through a simple internet search, actually. Yes, Siah should have done some research before presenting this logo, but you are deliberately being divisive by accusing Siah of knowingly copying anyone else's design. This kind of thing happens all the time and it will happen to you if it hasn't already.

Siah-Design said on May. 05 '09

Thanks for the support, Trish. Appreciate it.

I had no idea the other logo existed until after I had done this one. I should have done more extensive research but blast, the world is BIG.

The client never used this logo so in fact it is currently NOT in use. I always strive for original work and I think. When someone showed me the other concept I was shocked. I do agree with Tom Okeefe that his version is probably better as it is more simplistic.

Tom, please give me a break though - I honestly had never seen that other logo before.

logomotive said on May. 05 '09

Siah, dont'; bother with this guy. Save your breath for your band my man.

tomokeefe said on May. 06 '09

ok Siah--
If you never seen it before then fine. done.


"deliberately being divisive by accusing Siah of knowingly copying anyone else's design."
-What I said was that i find it hard to believe since it took me seconds to find it when I searched the name. I also stated that I could be wrong.

So without sounding like a big mean jerk I have very strong opinions about stuff like this. I'm not new to the game I'm going on about 16yrs and when I see something like this I do get pretty annoyed.

Also you will be surprised what could of happen if both companies ran with the logo. Oh the legal battles is something you would never want to have to deal with. the money, stress, and time it will take to end the legal horror it could bring.

Your right sometime designers come up with something that someone else did without any knowledge of either. I understand that. All I pointed out is that I searched for the name and found that logo before Siah's logo and within the first couple of results. It was that simple. That's all. So in MY OPINION I found it hard to believe that I was the only person that found it and or thought this.

for the record I CAN BE WRONG!

:) How's that? better? Cool. Done.


gjrdesign said on May. 06 '09

Nice union of symbol and initial.

theartistt said on May. 06 '09

Tom, it's cool. I accused a Logopond member of a rip once and to my embarrassment found he had been ripped, not the other way around. I'm just a bit more careful about such things now. I mean the community here at Logopond is pretty tight. Speaking of research, for example, reading some posts around Logopond would have made that obvious. And the question of this, Siah's, design and the other one had already been discussed in this thread. That is why it appeared to me (and others) that the way you phrased your initial post was deliberately divisive.

And for the record, several of us have been in the business longer than you have. Logomotive Mike for one. And I would have to say Mike knows just a little bit about being ripped off. Read around and you will see.

tomokeefe said on May. 06 '09

theartistt --
I would HOPE people have been in the business longer then me. I didn't say that thinking or assuming that I have been in the business longer then everyone on this site. LOL!!!!!

I know this topic was discussed regarding the other logo. Right above in this thread it was mentioned. If "YOU" read the first few words on my comment it should of made it clear that "I'm late on this topic...."

Also I speak from experience as well... The legal battles can be pretty intense.

Like i said if he never seen the other logo until someone brought it to his attention on this site, then fine. He never found it and everyone else did. Ok I get it. That's cool.

It's Dropped.

epsilon said on May. 13 '09

Lookie, lookie .. just bumped into "Electrical Digest logo":http://img23.imageshack.us/img23/4388/electricaldigest.jpg while flipping through LogoLounge 2 book. So is it an egg and Elettro Domestici is a chicken or is it the other way around ?

zooley said on Aug. 01 '09

The hegative space on your logo is more pronounced. Very clever and simple. Great work.

... and as you said: the world is so small sometimes...

regards, zoli

siah-design said on Oct. 14 '09

Hey David... I personally felt it was different enough but I respect your administration.

Note: As I stated earlier on this thread I wasn't aware of elettro domestici logo till after I posted it here. Cheers

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 02 '09

Wow. Apparently I'm on my A game today. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=11609181897

Unfortunately I'm not sure how to leave a message, or I would already.

lundeja said on Nov. 02 '09

I messaged him back in March. His response to me was not so nice. Every other word was a swear word.

siah-design said on Nov. 03 '09

Yup, I messaged him too and got the same response.

Momentummagazine said on Nov. 03 '09

Still love this one Josiah!

RGD said on Nov. 03 '09

Great logo! Negative space is amazing.

MaNurs said on Nov. 16 '09

Wow! thats perfect!

DanubeDesign said on Nov. 24 '09


ideoma said on Nov. 25 '09


i just found this on a italian site! has the world gets more globalized our ideas become common, yours make more sense because it has a double meaning beeing a word and at the same time an eletric plug

lundeja said on Nov. 25 '09

^ That has been posted in this comment thread about 60 times now. I think he's aware of it at this point.

ideoma said on Nov. 26 '09

sorry i thought i was giving news =)

Logon said on Dec. 02 '09

Wau! This is genious!

cvillelli said on Dec. 03 '09

WOW! I was staring at it for at least a minute trying to find the "genius" about it, then it hit me like a freight train! Looks great!

odonodesign said on Dec. 19 '09

I love how this makes you look twice

xmadenyux said on Dec. 22 '09

awesome use of black & white :)

thenetmencorp said on Jan. 16 '10

Fantastic !

brandcore said on Feb. 22 '10

this is hot!
great concept man!
your a good designer!

khutaza said on Mar. 08 '10

I like the way you made the E...it really unique bro..NICE!

estudio abre said on Apr. 05 '10

really like it, but it looks a bit old to me, maybe a bit of color?

logopunk said on May. 18 '10

Brilliant - stunning!

markmen said on Jun. 28 '10

just curious...ru design this also??
chk out full post
ed logo by Gianni Bortolotti. i see lot of similarities may be other guys is wrong bt want to bring this in to knowledge..

nido said on Jun. 28 '10


gary said on Jun. 28 '10

gosh, sometime i really wonder who is the Original owner of the same idea logo.

e-stylez said on Jul. 14 '10

Great logo man. well done!

awaqenin said on Jul. 25 '10


viticor said on Aug. 17 '10

Wowwwww!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job

JoePrince said on Sep. 11 '10

Was this not in the gallery, JJ? I love it.

motions said on Oct. 17 '10

Amazing concept

fukuda said on Oct. 19 '10

Great job!

jure said on Oct. 19 '10

really nice work mate, congrats

janzabransky said on Oct. 20 '10

... yea sparkle and lensflare effect and it will be perfect ;-)

ardystic said on Oct. 20 '10

i'm a sucker for positive and negative play. i like it a lot.

logoses.com said on Nov. 06 '10


mariabohner said on Dec. 30 '10

Wow!! the 'E' is in logo

wilsonink said on Apr. 09 '11

lol i just opened this cuz i knew there'd be a big discussion XD

Michaels said on May. 25 '11

@mariabohner I thought it was weird why there's such buzz over this. Now that you mentioned, I just spot the E.

breastcancer said on Jun. 23 '11

I understand logo's secret after looking 5 seconds. Really good :)

davecc said on Jul. 08 '11

what a clever logo! very well thought out...

dr-creative said on Jul. 12 '11

very strong solution logo

MiroKozel said on May. 09 '12

amazing, clever

fxg7942 said on Sep. 14 '12


danielp said on Sep. 20 '12

Wow, so many views and floats yet not featured. Fantastic concept very strong!

caion said on Jul. 11 '13

Great great great!

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