by coraud • Uploaded: Dec. 09 '08
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Description: snow wear

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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itsgareth said on Dec. 09 '08

I'd wear it, do you ride?

nido said on Dec. 09 '08

@its... eewwww.. do you ride!.. dude!

Anyway.. very nice coraud!.. especially like the font!

itsgareth said on Dec. 09 '08

@fido: snow not dudes!

bpotstra said on Dec. 09 '08

Pretty cool! You may want to increase the height of the "i" to match the ascenders of the "d" and "b" on either side. I read it as "Red beX" initially and doing this may solve that (slight) issue.

coraud said on Dec. 09 '08

Just a little, I have broken year ago almost:)But I have survived
thx I appreciate it

THEArtistT said on Dec. 09 '08

Nice x-games and tribal look to the logo. Perfect for the genre and industry. Well done.

cerise said on Dec. 09 '08

I really love this!!!!!!!!!!!!

firebrand said on Dec. 10 '08

Black on red bugs me a little but otherwise, nice.

gyui said on Dec. 10 '08

with the colors, the font and ibex this could be a great death metal band!:P I agree with bpotstra, that "i" gets lost a little. nice job overall coraud.

contactme said on Dec. 11 '08


grabbdesigns said on Dec. 11 '08

I love this logo! awesome execution!

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