by Logomotive • Uploaded: Dec. 05 '08
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Description: Logo for Elite HTS (Home Theater Seating).

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LoGoBoom said on Dec. 05 '08

Nice. Is the head asymmetric?

joder said on Dec. 07 '08

Everything fits real nice on this one LM. If I where to nit-pick, maybe more difference between the beak, and the head feather, prehapes it's the digital presentation but they look similer as LGB questions. But I'z not a nit-picker.... Bravos.

sebastiany said on Dec. 07 '08

Nice logomotive!!!! Great job! they prospected me aswell

bpotstra said on Dec. 08 '08

Nice, but why an eagle to represent a home theatre seating company? Just curious...

logomotive said on Dec. 08 '08

Thanks you guys.
bpotstra, thanks. I guess I could say it was client driven. I believe we are focusing on the name "Elite" more than the actual product here. I think this was a good choice considering the name and product. Brand recognition will come by the mark and quality of the product.

dotd420 said on Dec. 10 '08

this is the preferred sound system of people who play golf at the country club. it rocks! very good logo!

dotd420 said on Dec. 10 '08

sorry to repost, but i just noticed the E in the wing structure. Fucking Excellent!

cobaltcow said on Dec. 11 '08

love it! makes me want one!

logomotive said on Dec. 19 '10

Thanks dotd420 and Cobalt. Yeah me too but can't afford one yet :) http://www.elitehts.com/

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