Pack the Pantries

by KGB • Uploaded: Nov. 24 '08
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Description: The Indianapolis Department of Public Works is committed to doing its part in taking the lead to support Mayor Ballard's City-wide Food Initiative "Pack the Pantries." Their efforts include filling a DPW truck with NON-PERISHABLE food to be donated to Gleaners Food Bank.

Status: Client work

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logomotive said on Nov. 24 '08

Very cool KGB.

firebrand said on Nov. 24 '08

Love the chunky truck!

KGB said on Nov. 24 '08

he prefers "husky" truck.

KGB said on Nov. 24 '08

or "big boned"

gyui said on Nov. 24 '08

what about big-boned truck?:)

gyui said on Nov. 24 '08

oh, you beat me to it KGB!

firebrand said on Nov. 24 '08

Looks like one of those quarry trucks with 6 foot wheels :)

KGB said on Nov. 28 '08

thank you everyone. hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving.

revolvedesign said on Nov. 28 '08

Is thanksgiving something that pilgrims started?

pineapple said on Nov. 28 '08

In American popular lore, this holiday is depicted as a tradition that started with the Pilgrims giving thanks for a bountiful harvest. But, as usual, popular lore tends to get things just a bit wrong.

http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/commentary/la-oe-jacoby26-2008nov26,0,7558652.story">A brief history.

logomotive said on Nov. 28 '08

UM>let's just talk about the darn nice logo and not get off on another fricken tangent humans. Happy Thanksgiving people. I'm Thankful for designers like KGB who produce excellent logos. Nuff said.

logomotive said on Nov. 28 '08

By the Way happy Thanksgiving to you Brian.

penflare said on Feb. 07 '09

really nice!!

KGB said on Feb. 09 '09

thank you everyone. I thought it was lost in the pond. Glad you found it.

designabot said on Jun. 04 '09

love this KGB!

Tømme said on Jun. 17 '09

aaaawesome! :)

chirp said on Sep. 09 '09

Impactful and super memorable. Outstanding piece!

JF said on Sep. 09 '09

Agreed with chirp! Outstanding, absolutely.

lifesaverservant said on Mar. 07 '10

found it in the weeds... Nah man nice!

KGB said on Mar. 08 '10

thank you everyone.

OcularInk said on Mar. 20 '10

Missed this one, man. Very nice indeed. Hey, did you ever make it out to Nashville?

logo design monster said on Mar. 21 '10

I like it. The illustration is really cool. Great logo KGB.

plantingseeds said on Mar. 21 '10

In the thumbnail, I read it as "Pack The Pastries". Sounds like fat trucker lingo.

The front wheel looks cropped by the front grill, it's distracting me from an otherwise nice chunky truck.

KGB said on Mar. 22 '10

@OcularInk. Not yet man. still in the plans. maybe this summer.

Mikeymike said on Mar. 22 '10

great piece of work here, KGB. strong and fun.

krys2looper said on Apr. 10 '10

lite it :)

mcguire design said on Jun. 04 '10

two words... Simply Cool!

simon™ said on May. 02 '11

Cool constructivist feel to this one.

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