by DavidAirey • Uploaded: Nov. 23 '08
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Description: Logotype for a Tokyo-based interior architects.

As seen on: David Airey

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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tkhoury said on Nov. 23 '08

lovely type.

epsilon said on Nov. 23 '08

Wow. This is really beautiful, very clean and simple. To me it is as perfect as typeface-only logos can be.

But let me say the obvious - the "Brother logo": Given both Brother and Berthier start and end with the same letter and share four letters in the middle, having similar B and R treatment does make them look quite a bit similar.

By the way - thanks for a description of the design process on your website, that was quite interesting to look at too.

davidairey said on Nov. 24 '08

Thanks Tareq.


Yep, the Brother reference was mentioned a few times on my blog. Glad you appreciated the logo design process. Thanks for stopping by and reading.

eltio said on Dec. 07 '08

Hi, great design, what font is that?

davidairey said on Dec. 09 '08

Thanks, eltio.

I explain the logo process, including the custom typeface, here on my blog:

mad4arts said on Jun. 18 '09

Hi David, Good to see you here on logo pond. I saw this logo and immediately recognized it was your design. I have RSS ed your blog feeds . i find it very informative. I would really appreciate if you could go through my logo designs and comment on them. Thanks.

davidairey said on Jul. 22 '09

Thanks very much, Madhuri. Good of you to subscribe!

dotflo said on Dec. 10 '09

cheers david...nice to catch you here indeed...great job on youre blog

lumo said on Jul. 27 '10

always liked this one. Great job.

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