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Description: All the "pixel" logos I have done here recently were because of this project I have been working on. this is for a web design business. I think the concept works nicely. I designed this as I do all my logos to work in 1 color also.This was my second favorite design.Updated design.

As seen on: http://pixelmatrixdesign.com/

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epsilon said on Nov. 17 '08

I think this one better relates to the -matrix- part of the name. Might be hard to scale though .. perhaps try contracting pixels around their current central points ?

itsgareth said on Nov. 18 '08

I like this one, Neo

mikeyn said on Nov. 18 '08

I prefer this one too ... very nice !

jenlogo said on Nov. 20 '08

Love it

logomotive said on Nov. 20 '08

Thanks Jen.

logomotive said on Nov. 20 '08

Oh and Epsilon,Gareth and Mikeyn, yeah the client likes this one best also.

levelb said on Nov. 20 '08

Very nice logomotive!

logotivity said on Nov. 20 '08

looks good, hows it look on a dark background..?

logomotive said on Nov. 20 '08

Thanks guys, actually I think it looks better myself reversed and will most likely be on a darker background but this is the way I uploaded at first, so will present on white.

dikkers said on Nov. 20 '08

love the subtle shading effect, awesome

epsilon said on Nov. 20 '08

This is really good. It's simple, it's memorable and it's just plain pleasant to look at it. Great job, Mike.

logomotive said on Nov. 21 '08

Thanks guys, I think this might be the one.

firebrand said on Nov. 22 '08

Mike, have you tried a smaller mark? I just think they'd look more like pixels and less like mosiac tiles. Just a thought ;)

logomotive said on Nov. 24 '08

Roy, yeah it ill be on a horizontal layout and smaller. Just like the layout here because of the square area, thanks.

logomotive said on Dec. 04 '08

There Roy ;-)

epsilon said on Dec. 04 '08

New version, eh ? Not digging the color choice for the mark. Seems too pale to me.

logomotive said on Dec. 04 '08

Well, I guess that's quite all right because I did not design it for you ;-P
I like it.

epsilon said on Dec. 04 '08

Actually you did in a way. I could've been their customer and now I won't be .. all because of the color :-p .. though in a retrospect it' not the color, it's the contrast that I am not fully digging. Previous version looked more interesting, that's for sure.

logomotive said on Dec. 04 '08

^ OK GREAT! don't want your business that's for sure. ;-P

epsilon said on Dec. 04 '08

Believe me I hear you. _Even_ I don't want my own business :)

logomotive said on Jan. 12 '10

^ha I hear ya I would hate to be my client also. I think the colors/contrast work out http://pixelmatrixdesign.com/

logomotive said on Jan. 12 '10

Bumped up the contrast ;)

Thrasher317 said on Jan. 12 '10

Lookin' solid. I dig the color scheme. The only nit picky thing I have is possibly extending the top of the "a" to fill in that gap between it and the "m" just a tad. My eye reads smoothly throughout the letters until I get there. It might require the bottom of the "e" to be tweaked as well. It's not a necessary change for sure, but just my 2 cents. Good luck.

logomotive said on Jan. 12 '10

^ signed off and done but thanks for your suggestions.

logomotive said on Jan. 31 '10

for the record, you were right epsilon. It does look much better with more contrast as seen on site.

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