Fish Lounge

by Type08 • Uploaded: Nov. 16 '08
Gallerized Nov. '08 a30336358bd4bb7adcda6f286656c0ba.png

Description: Fishermen club/bar.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: fishinghookclubbarlounge

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beklad said on Nov. 16 '08

I like it
it displays communication and a fish, caught by the hooks
only not so sure about the type, but the mark is great!

Type08 said on Nov. 16 '08

Thanks, Beklad! One of those "in print and on the web" logos, that's why maybe a bit simple typography...

logotivity said on Nov. 16 '08

I've gotta say that I like this alot

aurelplouf said on Nov. 17 '08

actually i also see a smiley cat :p

Type08 said on Nov. 17 '08

:) Thanks!

ranganath said on Nov. 18 '08

I think ur design similar to this logo designed by Fredrik Lewander.

please check this link.


Type08 said on Nov. 18 '08

Amazing! Don't need to say that I never saw that one before (shame on me), this is very similar concept. Just talked about this with a few friends here offline, it's very possible to have similar concepts when it comes to simple (and logical) ideas... I'll keep it anyway, you can trust me or not, but this is definitely not a rip off... Thank you Ranganath for pointing this out...

ranganath said on Nov. 19 '08

First off all i am not a Critic saying that u have copied the design from others, i don't like either doing that. These things happen don't worry about that, i trust on u, ur also the top uploader on the logopond and with Amazing designs, carry on ur work BINDASS.....

thank you.

Type08 said on Nov. 20 '08

@ Ranganath: It's all good my friend... Thanks a lot!
@ Relevant: LOL! :)

tiko1232 said on Nov. 30 '08

I like this dude!! :)

Type08 said on Nov. 30 '08

Thanks, Tiko!

penflare said on Nov. 30 '08

Very Nice

Type08 said on Dec. 01 '08

Thank you buddy!

Type08 said on Mar. 04 '09

Nima, thanks for all the support!

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