by OcularInk • Uploaded: Nov. 14 '08

Description: Unused concept for a publisher.

As seen on: For Sale

Status: For sale

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: sophisticatedclassyclassicelegantlight

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Type08 said on Nov. 14 '08

I like this! Very elegant, Kevin!

Art Machine said on Nov. 14 '08

Sweet! I like the little tweak on the X.

itsgareth said on Nov. 14 '08

Burrrrrrrrr.....I said it's cold in here there must be a (n)ice logo in the atmosphere!

OcularInk said on Nov. 14 '08

@ Type08 : Thanks dude!

@ Art Machine : Good eye, Julian. ;-)

@ itsgareth : Hahaha!! If you only knew how often I hear my last name during the winter months. Geeeeez. Now my wife even gets it. Lol!

Thanks for the floats gents.

sebastiany said on Nov. 14 '08

nide Ocularink!!! But may I suggest you to try to invert the logo, making the feather in the opposite diagonal.

nido said on Nov. 14 '08

stood out.. floated.

THEArtistT said on Nov. 15 '08

I like it as well. Very nice.

tharootboy said on Dec. 02 '08

So nice!

OcularInk said on Mar. 06 '09

@sebastiany : Great suggestion. I'll try it.
@nido : Cheers, bud!
@THEArtistT : Thank-you, Trish.
@tharootboy : Thanks Vincenzo!
@Houston-we : Good question. :-P Thanks, Dalius.
@nima.jazireh : Thanks, Nima.

dotflo said on Sep. 21 '09

great idea and execution

DigitalOrange said on May. 20 '11

Excellent Kevin. I love it :)

ocularink said on Jun. 01 '11

Florin and Christina...thank you both.

Jo0zek said on Dec. 02 '11


ocularink said on Feb. 10 '12

Thanks, I appreciate it!

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