We Love Underwear

by downwithdesign • Uploaded: Nov. 09 '08

Description: Online undergarment boutique

As seen on: Down With Design

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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beklad said on Nov. 09 '08

I would have turned the heart up-side-down en let the round parts be the ass ;)

itsgareth said on Nov. 09 '08

Good point, but that would be too rude, plus I also wanted the heart shape to remain in the correct familiar position.

tkhoury said on Nov. 09 '08

i remember Belabumbum, but i like this one

firebrand said on Nov. 09 '08

Nice mark, Gareth. I'd be inclined to have the full name under the heart. IN on the panties cheapens the product IMO.

firebrand said on Nov. 09 '08

I meant 'WE' not IN.

itsgareth said on Nov. 09 '08

I'm working on the type as we speak!

itsgareth said on Nov. 09 '08

Haha Roy, you were typing exactly what you were thinking, right? ;)

nido said on Nov. 09 '08

i cant say i like this without sounding like a perv... but i do like it... how would it look if there were no strokes where the panties end at the top.. to give the heart a more 'left to the imagination' kinda look?

firebrand said on Nov. 09 '08

oops. :o

itsgareth said on Nov. 09 '08

Nido, you just wanna see more flesh don't you, haha. I'll upload a sluttier version for you tommorrow.

Hayes Image said on Nov. 09 '08

hehehe, awesome concept :)

itsgareth said on Nov. 10 '08

Cheers Josh, we all love underwear! (if we're honest, right?)

gthobbs said on Nov. 10 '08

Great concept. I do agree with beklad that there's good opportunity for that bum shape. And it's still tasteful. Nice work.

itsgareth said on Nov. 10 '08

Glen: Thankyou, always a pleasure to get a compliment from yourself.

Tonfue: Thanks for the comment. Not seen that before, never use deviantart.

revolvedesign said on Nov. 23 '08

this is smart, great concept gareth :)

coldasice89 said on May. 06 '09

hey, id like to point out that the heart shape can also seem as if a woman is layin down and u can see the underwear and her breasts poppin out lol..sorry its 2 am here.. but really nice logo and concept :)

purpose said on Mar. 01 '10

nice done... maybe an idea to loose the outline? the heart-shape is very clear even without the outline...

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