maths bug

by firebrand • Uploaded: Nov. 07 '08
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Description: Making maths fun for kids.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Type08 said on Nov. 07 '08

Haha, very clever Roy!

cerise said on Nov. 07 '08

something is "bugging" me about this..........nice

o-man said on Nov. 07 '08

dunno, I'm divided. But I think I like it a lot

cerise said on Nov. 07 '08

O-man that was good

mavric said on Nov. 08 '08

Very cleaver firebrand and FUN :)
it communicates well, but the way it reads .. mathS bug.. well it be better if
it reads MATH BUG?? just wondering :)

but I loooove it

nido said on Nov. 08 '08

im no scientist ... but ''math'' is used colloquially in English-speaking North America as a shortened form of the word mathematics, in the same way as "maths" is used in the UK... so it depends on the base of the target audience.. i guess...

very nice Roy...

firebrand said on Nov. 08 '08

Here endeth the lesson. Cheers guys.

TKhoury said on Nov. 09 '08

very clever Firebrand

siah-design said on Nov. 09 '08

I like

firebrand said on Nov. 10 '08

Cheers, guys.

hindmarshdesign said on Nov. 10 '08

awesome. Fave.

firebrand said on Nov. 10 '08


firebrand said on Mar. 05 '09

Thanks for looking, nima.

andreiu said on May. 23 '09

omg omg omg! what a nice idea.

firebrand said on May. 27 '09

Haha, thanks andreiu.

nido said on May. 27 '09

do one called science bug.. where he's cut in half... do it!

firebrand said on May. 27 '09

^LOL =)

mcdseven said on Feb. 03 '10


raja said on Feb. 03 '10

nice Roy.

I think you and nido have opened the door for a flux of bug logos now. I am going to make one called 'tech bug' and use a...

raja said on Feb. 03 '10

wait Roy, how can I post on of your logos without our infamous parodies

"roy is so good with the ladies :D "

michaelspitz said on Feb. 03 '10

Ha! Clever indeed... ;)

nido said on Feb. 03 '10

the return of the Roy...

hey Raja... I ain ever done a bug logo???... maybe a logo that bugs! :?D

dirgeneral.com said on Feb. 03 '10

Accurate font and nice finished bug, God job done here.

brandclay said on Feb. 03 '10

Really like this Roy, nice job

oronoz ® said on Feb. 03 '10

jajaja yeah clever and cute!!

firebrand said on Feb. 03 '10

nido's comment about the science bug still makes me chuckle.

Thanks all.

Petro said on Feb. 13 '10

Funny bug-mathematician! :-)

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