by Logomotive • Uploaded: Nov. 04 '08

Description: Forty Seven Studios.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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gyui said on Nov. 04 '08

I see what you are trying to do with the '4' but I didn't see it initially. I see L7 studios, 757 studios, or 77 studios before I see 47. neat execution though.:)

firebrand said on Nov. 04 '08

Funny how we all see things differently. I saw 47 instantly, followed by the S in the negative space.

logomotive said on Nov. 04 '08

Yeah, I thought it read fine no problem,.. but hey true dat. Nice observation Roy.

struve said on Nov. 04 '08

i read L 7 immediately too and then saw the 's' in the negative space. didn't get the 47 until i read the title.

logomotive said on Nov. 04 '08

Well, guess I'll have to add Forty 7. I would think the mind would read 4 first as it is shaped more like a 4 then an abnormal leaning L, interesting though.

OcularInk said on Nov. 04 '08

Just thought I'd chime in. I saw the L/7 with an S in the negative space too. Probably safest to add the Forty 7 below. Great idea, though, Mike!

logomotive said on Nov. 04 '08

^ well really good designers see it as 47 ;-P thanks DOC, I fixed.

gthobbs said on Nov. 04 '08

Nice one!

OcularInk said on Nov. 04 '08

Wait!! I see it now. :-P

revolvedesign said on Nov. 04 '08

clever :D
is this the final version?

gyui said on Nov. 05 '08

wait, i flipped it and now i see it!:O)

tkhoury said on Nov. 09 '08

very nice logomotive, i love your work

cerise said on Nov. 09 '08

I saw 47 instantly, do I get a happy stamp?...Nice

nexqunyx said on Nov. 09 '08


logomotive said on Nov. 09 '08

Thanks guys, kudos to those of you that saw 47 right away. LOL!

hindmarshdesign said on Nov. 09 '08

kudos for me. :)

logotivity said on Nov. 10 '08

I just see a rounded square..? ;) I like it, a lot (dumb and dumber, ya know..)

Fatbat said on Nov. 27 '08

I have to say, I saw it and thought it was brilliant. Nice work!

logomotive said on Dec. 30 '08

Thanks guys.
@logotivity, ya made me chuckle, i can hear Jim Carey's saying that " I like it A LOt. great movie.

THEArtistT said on Dec. 30 '08

Great mark. The kerning is a little tight in the text for my taste. But overall a handsome logo.

logomotive said on Dec. 30 '08

^ Thanks handsome like me?

bartodell said on Dec. 30 '08

Mike been busy as of late. Missed this one. Nice work old friend. :)

logomotive said on Dec. 30 '08

OLD? who you calling old? hey missed ya bud.

bartodell said on Dec. 30 '08

Old in the friendship sense... ok maybe ribbing a little! LOL!

logomotive said on Dec. 30 '08

Yeah, well happy new year BARTBART.

pineapple said on Dec. 30 '08

I see LT. Did anyone else see that? Huh? No? I'm special.

camisa15 said on Oct. 12 '11

More details and it's ready for the gallery!

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