by Type08 • Uploaded: Oct. 30 '08
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Description: Online furniture store.

Status: Nothing set

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bartodell said on Oct. 30 '08

Clever concept but I worry about the type at smaller sizes.

Type08 said on Oct. 30 '08

I know... Downsized it could turn into lines, good just as long it reminds of the keyboard...

meta said on Oct. 30 '08

Very creative. Good Job.

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 30 '08

I still think it looks like a keypad at thumbnail. Instead of leaving it at lines when downsized you could also turn the text into white rectangles to represent the text? just an idea. This is so lovely. really nice.

Type08 said on Oct. 31 '08

@Meta: Thanks, Justin!
@Hindmarsh: took your advice, happy now? :)
@Noma: good idea but went for the lines, didn't want to make it more complex than this... But thanks a lot, always appreciate your comments! :)

AlexWende said on Oct. 31 '08

This is pretty cool, much better now :)

Type08 said on Oct. 31 '08

Thanks a lot, Alex!

fogra said on Oct. 31 '08

Good thinkin', Alen.

Type08 said on Oct. 31 '08

Thanks, Sean! Couple of sunny days here so I threw myself into work again! :)

fogra said on Oct. 31 '08

Same here. There's nothing like it!

firebrand said on Oct. 31 '08

That's a very fresh and unique concept, Alen. I did like the type in the keys tho.

Type08 said on Oct. 31 '08

Thanks a lot, Roy! Maybe make it a GIF, turning letters into lines! :) Well, I like it more to, but that really makes it difficult to read when downsized. Maybe to leave it as an option when making applications with it, like catalogs, commercials, don't know... Thanks!

sebastiany said on Oct. 31 '08

love the name

Type08 said on Oct. 31 '08

Me 2! :) Thanks, Seb!

tconrad said on Oct. 31 '08

i'm embarrased to say, it took me forever to 'get' this one... ah?!

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 31 '08

I prefer the type. But yeah, that's what you could do if it had to be really small.

Type08 said on Nov. 01 '08

@ Conrad: LOL, it's all good my man, it's all good... :)
@ Hind: decision is made :) We have to draw the line somewhere, right? Thanks!

diez said on Nov. 02 '08

love the idea

penflare said on Nov. 02 '08

ALEN! you did it again, great job mate

showing this one in my next showcase :)


Type08 said on Nov. 03 '08

@ Diez and Noma: Thanks!
@ Sean: Thank you very much my friend, send me a link! :)

LSF said on Nov. 05 '08

dope concept!

Type08 said on Nov. 05 '08

Thank you, LSF!

hoque said on Nov. 07 '08

nice logo

will you be able to make me a logo for my blog website

Type08 said on Nov. 07 '08

Contact me Hoque, you got my e-mail address in my profile... Thanks!

Kimo said on Nov. 27 '08

This makes me smile.

Type08 said on Nov. 27 '08

That's good, Kimo! Thanks!

siah-design said on Dec. 07 '08

Good one, bud! Congrats on the feature!!

Type08 said on Dec. 08 '08

Thank you very much my friend!

mabu said on Jan. 13 '09

I really like this one mate.

Type08 said on Jan. 13 '09

Mabu, thank you!

firebrand said on Mar. 15 '10

Alen, this was uploaded 10 March 2010


Type08 said on Mar. 15 '10

Thanks a lot buddy! Those guys are really something................

cucoi08 said on Feb. 14 '12

i think it look like a hand :D

Type08 said on Feb. 14 '12

I think it not!

cucoi08 said on Feb. 17 '12

but i like it :">,think it very nice logo :D

Type08 said on Feb. 20 '12

Me to! :D

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