by Type08 • Uploaded: Oct. 24 '08
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Description: Logo for the UK based IT company.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: searchonlinewebseomonster

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logomotive said on Oct. 24 '08

LOL! trying to look mean but too cute ;_) cool.

firebrand said on Oct. 24 '08

That's a great character, Alen!

Type08 said on Oct. 24 '08

Good eye! ;)

logomotive said on Oct. 24 '08

good name too.

Type08 said on Oct. 24 '08

Thanks guys!

brandsimplicity said on Oct. 24 '08

This is so cool Alen!

Type08 said on Oct. 25 '08

Thanks a lot Fabian! ;)

tconrad said on Oct. 25 '08

nice, sweet character.

nido said on Oct. 25 '08

very enjoyable!..

Type08 said on Oct. 25 '08

@Tonfue: haha, I know that you love this 'kind' if stuff! Thanks! :)
@Conrad and Nido: Thanks guys!

wurdz said on Oct. 25 '08

I like it! Simple. Cool. And just a little different to make it stand out. Cool.

Type08 said on Oct. 27 '08

Thanks a lot Wurdz! Wurd up! :)

revolvedesign said on Oct. 27 '08

nice :D

Type08 said on Oct. 27 '08

Thanks Jesse! "Share effect" is the bomb! :)

gyui said on Oct. 27 '08

really great dot!! awesome:)

Type08 said on Oct. 27 '08

Thanks a lot, G!

diez said on Nov. 02 '08

Very fun to look at. Really cool job.

Type08 said on Nov. 03 '08

Thanks for the support, Diez!

grabbdesigns said on Dec. 10 '08

absolutely love this one! wouldn't change a thing!

Type08 said on Dec. 11 '08

Thank you GD!

nulio said on Jan. 03 '09

Very enjoyable character :)

Much better than this one http://dotmonster.ca/

Type08 said on Jan. 12 '09

Thanks Nulio! I should contact them and offer it! :)

tanyildiz said on Jan. 29 '09

wonderful placement! wonderful work!

Type08 said on Jan. 29 '09

Thanks! By the way, Niyazi is a very nice name!

mabu said on Mar. 11 '09

That's hot dude! :-)

Type08 said on Mar. 11 '09

Haha, thanks Mabu!

Type08 said on May. 14 '09

WTF? This is incredible man!!! But that member crushed down the whole personal credibility - how come that someone who is supposed to super handle 3D technology end up stealing this lil' fella? Thanks Tonfue, I'll start packin' man, I swear. Time for a lil' trip around the globe, it's gonna get nasty, I tell you that!

Type08 said on May. 14 '09

Thanks Tony! I tried to contact 'her' but it required logging into that site, which is a huge 'no way' for me man! Thanks a lot! :)

firebrand said on May. 14 '09

I think the page is down now. I saw the little fella briefly. GRRR.

Type08 said on Jun. 30 '09

Thanks, Shaun!

Logocrave said on Oct. 23 '09

very nice- reminds me of the dust creatures from a cartoon i watched when i was little

designoman said on Feb. 05 '10

Fine dotty -)

Type08 said on Feb. 09 '10

Chico and Alexey, thanks guys! You two should form a design studio together, the brand name would be off the hook! CHICO And ALEXEY! Just marvelous! :) :)

kathariney said on Feb. 09 '10

this is really cute. it's that kind of cute monster who thinks he's scary, but indeed we all thinks he's pure adorable ;)

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