by firebrand • Uploaded: Oct. 10 '08
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Description: A wedding photographer. The lens creates a wedding ring shape.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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itsgareth said on Oct. 11 '08

Missed this one Roy, very clever. The diamond is also the flash?

nexqunyx said on Oct. 11 '08

I didn't get it at first...I said to myself, "what's th ebig deal?" Then I read "wedding photographer"...now I say BRILLIANT! Nice work.

OcularInk said on Oct. 11 '08

Clever one, bud. I was thinking the same thing as nex at first. The ring is so subtle, but once you know it's there, it's like...BAM!!

ndmgfx said on Oct. 11 '08

ya am with you on this ocularink, amazing, but maybe if you placed wedding photography under the name it will strike faster. but i love it.

firebrand said on Oct. 12 '08

@gareth: Well spotted, the diamond sparkle of the ring is also the camera flash.

Thanks for the comments everyone :)

tconrad said on Oct. 12 '08

i saw it immediately... and then put wedding photographer together from the thumbnail. nice nice nice

fivesevensix said on Oct. 12 '08

I like the simplicity and white flash. Nice work!

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 12 '08


gthobbs said on Oct. 12 '08

Quit talking about my smile tonfue. It makes me uncomfortable.

firebrand said on Oct. 13 '08

Hehe, when you've finished discussing hindmarshdesign's pearly whites. Thanks people. :D

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 13 '08


firebrand said on Oct. 14 '08

@ndmgfx: Updated, thanks.

OcularInk said on Oct. 14 '08

So much love in here. :-D

logomotive said on Oct. 14 '08

Awesome concept Roy, just sent you an email.

logomotive said on Oct. 14 '08


firebrand said on Oct. 14 '08

@Mike: Thanks for the great advice on the diamond. Bartender, get this man a drink :)

Type08 said on Oct. 14 '08

Great update! Perfect logo!

logomotive said on Oct. 14 '08

ha Roy, no need really already done drunk. But hey I'll take yer offer at another time. keep up your (the most clever there is) brilliant work.

OcularInk said on Oct. 14 '08


hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 14 '08

yea yea

ndmgfx said on Oct. 15 '08

hey you updated it :) very nice

SpencerLavery said on Oct. 17 '08


firebrand said on Oct. 17 '08

Cheers, Spencer :)

ubi said on Oct. 18 '08

Nice logo

KGB said on Oct. 27 '08


firebrand said on Oct. 27 '08

Thanks ubi and Brian.

AlexWende said on Oct. 27 '08


Type08 said on Oct. 27 '08

Roy, this is really, but hey, I mean really, really, really, one of the smartest logos on this site... Definitely! Great work!

firebrand said on Oct. 27 '08

Thanks Alex and Alen, I appreciate it guys. :)

sandhya said on Oct. 27 '08


logomotive said on Oct. 27 '08

They better CEAST! This ticks me off. Lets get em guys.

firebrand said on Oct. 27 '08

Geeze, thanks for the tip off!

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 27 '08

How annoying!!!! I'm joining up to point the finger.

Type08 said on Oct. 28 '08

Unbelievable! This is really f'd up! Hold on buddy!

fogra said on Oct. 28 '08

Haha Roy, you sure are inspiring quite a lot of plagiarism these days.
Nice colour update btw.

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 28 '08

All withdrawn now. I really don't understand the nerve of some people.

firebrand said on Oct. 29 '08

@johnboerckel. Thanks again for highlighting this. Keep vigilant guys!

ru_ferret said on Mar. 30 '11


Firebrand said on May. 08 '12

Lost count of the amount of times this concept shows up on dribbble.

logomotive said on May. 08 '12

Amongst other similar concepts.

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