by Snowkai • Uploaded: Oct. 06 '08
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Description: Identity for for expert legal systems.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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logomotive said on Oct. 06 '08

very pretty.

chng! said on Oct. 06 '08

gorgeus mark

raja said on Oct. 06 '08

I could hang this up on my wall - nice work!

nexqunyx said on Oct. 06 '08

Probably not as effective if the transparencies weren't present. Fantastic piece!

gyui said on Oct. 07 '08

who knew the legal system could be so colorful. nice job!

tconrad said on Oct. 07 '08

i've seen a lot of other logos that look very similar.

Leo said on Oct. 07 '08


lars said on Oct. 08 '08

very good!

TECHNEO said on Oct. 08 '08

very nice, beautiful colors! (but not really distinctive)

longpig said on Oct. 08 '08

a beautiful mark, pure class

savers said on Oct. 08 '08

Very nice! But i 'don't like font...

millron said on Oct. 08 '08

Spectacular. I can't stop looking at it.

huyendesigner said on Oct. 08 '08

yep, the big font is okay, but the small font is not okay because it too small, moreover,it is not suitable.
this is a attractive logo. Love it. Well done !

brohouse said on Oct. 08 '08

Great man. You are really good. Respect

webcore said on Oct. 08 '08


The Critic said on Oct. 09 '08

I agree this is very nice icon and type.

Unit B said on Oct. 09 '08

Truly excellent work. Especially in the legal space, which tends to be unimaginative/conservative where design and iconography are concerned.

rambal said on Oct. 10 '08

xellent one.

weblex said on Oct. 10 '08

This is a killer F'n logo!

BALT said on Oct. 12 '08

Good job. I like
It would like to see the other signatures.


revolvedesign said on Oct. 13 '08

omg, i wish i created this, its very pretty... pretty, pretty, pretty.
I'm jealous :(
2 thumbs up though lol

studiomleczko said on Oct. 16 '08


myde said on Oct. 21 '08

nice idea and realisation!

mabu said on Apr. 03 '09

Great use of balanced colors. I like it a lot.

Tømme said on Jun. 06 '09

very sexy :)

dotflo said on Jun. 30 '09


cseven said on Jun. 30 '09


andreiu said on Jul. 29 '09

super-colors! :D

JF said on Sep. 28 '09

So, I take it you work for RedBrand, Snowkai?

snowkai said on Oct. 01 '09

to JF: Yep)

andre-files said on Mar. 23 '10

armonioso :)

folkupaul said on Jul. 02 '10

Prosto otlichno!

davishama said on Oct. 06 '10

Beautiful. Love this.

susiengonda said on Oct. 19 '10

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The Real SEO Chester said on Mar. 13 '11

Not the most original but the folder idea and colours are superb :-)

capatana said on Jul. 20 '11

Nice colour palette, great icon and type. Only issue is the legibility of the byline. Joaca http://pariurionline.com">pariuri online si castiga bani.

chanpion said on Aug. 22 '11

Wow, great work and excellent choice of typeface.

bella21 said on Mar. 19 '12

good, but could have been better. you may add something between those folders. A badge or something

roohresgrer said on Aug. 31 '12

ep, the big font is okay, but the small font is not okay because it too small, moreover,it is not suitable.
this is a attractive logo. Love it. Well done !

petersf said on Jan. 11 '13

very great work with the logo.. 1 fot it.
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Savik said on Jan. 29 '15

Nice colors, nice gradients and nice work!

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