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by tilboy • Uploaded: Sep. 25 '08
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Description: Logo for a company that sells caravans and motorhomes.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: caravan

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pokayoke said on Sep. 29 '08


tilboy said on Sep. 29 '08


BigAl67 said on Sep. 30 '08

Great concept

omixam said on Sep. 30 '08

ohhhhhhh! great! love it

mattiamoretto said on Sep. 30 '08


tilboy said on Sep. 30 '08

thank you all!

Lawrence Anderson said on Sep. 30 '08

I think with a centered mark you should have equal weights on the type.

Qman said on Sep. 30 '08

One of the best I,ve seen in a long time...Excellent work!

hindmarshdesign said on Sep. 30 '08

nice type.

hindmarshdesign said on Sep. 30 '08

And everything else!

hharrison said on Sep. 30 '08

I like the concept, and the type works well. Seems like the black circle/wheel is a bit small imo. That's really the only critique I can come up with though.

tilboy said on Oct. 01 '08

Lawrwnce: it crossed my mind. thanks for your thought!
Qman and hindmarshdesign: thank you! :)
hharrison: you maybe right but when i tried it bigger it didn't look nice. thanks for the critique. It's always welcome.

DROPdesign said on Oct. 01 '08

does it matter that it's so similar to Target's logo?

It's still nice, regardless...

Hayes Image said on Oct. 01 '08

I too would enlarge the wheel a tiny bit, but apart from that I think this logo is superb!!

webcore said on Oct. 01 '08

Nice logo but I feel stupid since I'm stumped by this concept. Can someone explain?

logomotive said on Oct. 01 '08

look in the center.

hharrison said on Oct. 01 '08

@ Webcore - it's pretty subtle, but there is a caravan in the center of the logo. And coincidentally the company is called "caravan center."

@ t-boy - I think this does look a little too close to the target logo. Is there any way you can change the color to a red and make the half circles more of a full circle... I think that would help a bit. :)

tilboy said on Oct. 02 '08

DROPdesign: that was the point, it's supposed to look like a target. thanks for your comment.

Hayes and hharrison: maybe you are right about the size of the wheel in the center but the logo has already been realesed and delivered to the client and i can't change anything. Thank you for the comments though,i was thinking a lot what you told me. The point is that i'm getting better because of them.Thanks!

webcore:logomotive and hharison gave the answer. :) thank you.

tconrad said on Oct. 03 '08

nice mang.

tilboy said on Oct. 11 '08

thanks tconrad!

borinagge said on Oct. 17 '08

uh oh nikos!

nido said on Oct. 18 '08

i want that avatar too now! :D

tilboy said on Oct. 18 '08

Guys i swear i don't know how this avatar appeared. 2 weeks ago was trying many times to upload my avatar but nothing was appeared. For some reason i couldn't upload anything. Then suddenly i see an avatar that doesn't belong to me next to my name and i try to figure out what happens.
Climaxdesign: i just sent you an email. Please read it and answer me.
borinagge: Sorrry, i didn't catch it.
Relevant: i would never do that, i'm not a thief.

Type08 said on Oct. 18 '08

I'm not defending Tilboy here, but I also experienced a lot of problem with the site lately... Unexpected log offs, not able to vote or comment, turning off the link while browsing through the categories... Pretty weird stuff... :(

tilboy said on Oct. 18 '08

Type08: I had the same problem with the unexpected log offs 2-3 times.
Relevant: it's ok. I'm glad that you were just kidding. :)
I am really upset because that things can give you a bad name and i don't want that. I still don't understand how this thing happened.
Is there anyone who can give me a logical explanation?

nido said on Oct. 18 '08

i seen someone else with it too.. so it's a glitch.. no need to panic im sure...

logoholik said on Oct. 18 '08

lol, it is... like... twilight zone over here :)

gthobbs said on Oct. 18 '08

climax and reproductions go hand in hand. sorry.

logomotive said on Oct. 18 '08

So, we are no longer a pond huh? Lake,Sea or Ocean perhaps LogoOcean? no more lillypads and treefrogs but Big Sharks and the UNknown deep sea stuff? GREAT!
sorry for all the extras on your GREAT logo Tilboy and FANTASTIC! concept.

tilboy said on Oct. 19 '08

Yes it's a little bit like twilight zone! lol.
I'm glad that there is no misunderstanding.
thanks guys!
ClimaxDesigns: i tried again to upload a different avatar but still nothing. I don't understand it. I guess i'm stuck with your logo for a while! lol
Logomotive: thanks for the comment!

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 19 '08

Haha. that's hilarious! i thought i was going crazy seeing the same avatar. Glad to know i'm sane.

tilboy said on Oct. 19 '08

Hindmarshdesign, do you imagine if this was happening to me with your avatar instead of Climaxdesigns? We would have some good laughs! LOL
Thank God, it was Climaxdesigns! LOL

hindmarshdesign said on Oct. 19 '08

Yeah i think i'd find that rather amusing too! I always wanted to be a twin...

hindmarshdesign said on Jun. 01 '09

Heads up, this guy is stealing logos off logo pond. You logo is one of them.

Hayes Image said on Jun. 01 '09

blatent too!! This & Wiesinger Music

tilboy said on Jun. 29 '09

hey hindmarshdesign, thank you so much for the notice. I really appreciate it!
i visited their website but it seems to be in ''Maintenance Mode''.
I haven't seen yet how they used it.

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