by Logomotive • Uploaded: Sep. 23 '08
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Description: Extended Designs EXD

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koodoz said on Sep. 24 '08

Can you do any wrong?

OcularInk said on Sep. 24 '08

Seriously, sometimes I just want to kick your ass, Mike!! :-D

logomotive said on Sep. 24 '08

Thanks guys, and no I'm never wrong ;-)

gthobbs said on Sep. 24 '08

I thought I was wrong once but I was wrong.

Matheus said on Sep. 24 '08

you must tell us who was your design teacher
this is serious threat >:]

sdijock said on Sep. 24 '08

What's right is what's left after everything else is wrong...

logomotive said on Sep. 24 '08

Thanks Hobbs :-), I studied design at HKU.
sdijock, yep I'm amidextrious.

blackindextip said on Sep. 24 '08

Love your work, Logomotive. It reminds me a lot of Saul Bass. Always on point getting the message across. peace.

s7even said on Sep. 24 '08

Ha! Nice.. I can almost see the D extending as you squash the E ala the old boxing glove on the extending robotic arm trick :)

logomotive said on Sep. 24 '08

Thanks Marty, is that you in your icon? looks nice. Thanks for such a great compliment, keeps me going:-)

@S7even, Ha Ha, yeah I see what you mean.

blackindextip said on Sep. 24 '08

Great!!! No, It is "Salvador Dali"

tiko1232 said on Sep. 25 '08

Great Work ;)

siah-design said on Sep. 25 '08

You're amazing

ranganath said on Sep. 25 '08

Nice work:-)

teight said on Sep. 26 '08


ejifa said on Sep. 29 '08


Lawrence Anderson said on Sep. 29 '08

Really like the type choice. Font?

onesummer said on Sep. 30 '08

maybe eurostile?

logomotive said on Sep. 30 '08

^Thanks everyone and yes Paul, it's microgamma or eurostile.

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