Blue Mountain

by TheNetMenCorp • Uploaded: Sep. 23 '08
Gallerized Oct. '10 5323352916dc204379672af18e3dcc59.png

Description: STYLE: Illustrated Symbol

As seen on: The NetMen Corp

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: Illustrated SymbolSportsThenetmencorp

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blackindextip said on Sep. 23 '08

Very nice! Nice icon, nice colors. Have you tried blue and green? Either way, it looks great!

blackindextip said on Sep. 23 '08

Have you tried other fonts?

THEArtistT said on Nov. 09 '08

this is good and well illustrated. speaks of all the elements simply and beautifully.

dannygdammit said on Oct. 04 '10

nice logo. I like the description- very helpful :P

alexandre.aleixo said on Oct. 04 '10

very cool, good combination of colors

gijolas said on Oct. 04 '10

Not sure if alignment is ok,
for me it looks like mark could be puled a bit more to the right

logoboom said on Oct. 04 '10

Seems the chin and neck could have been worked to create a more balanced shield type of feel. As it is the asymmetry leaves this feeling quite unstable for me.

Pierro said on Oct. 04 '10

^Don't agree, this is memorable, colors and simple shapes work very well.

lumavine said on Oct. 04 '10

Nice use of negative space!

subfo said on Oct. 07 '10

I personally feel like this might be a bit stronger without the silhouette of the rider. At first, in thumbnail view, I couldn't make out what it was.

shweta said on Oct. 11 '10


firebubble design said on Oct. 12 '10

Clever use of negative space and skillfully illustrated.

magnetizim said on Oct. 24 '10

no need to change colors. illustrated perfectly, great work!

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