The Thirsty Peacock

by NEXQUNYX • Uploaded: Sep. 17 '08
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Description: Logo developed for a wine store business.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: vinowinealcoholwine storebottle

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pixelmaid said on Sep. 18 '08

very nice combination of colors - like the typo. Nice work, really.

DROPdesign said on Sep. 18 '08

The types not that flash, but the mark works brilliantly with the peacock theme. Well done.

koodoz said on Sep. 18 '08

^ I concur

chng! said on Sep. 18 '08

this is one of those logos that humbles me...brilliant mark

fogra said on Sep. 18 '08

'Lucida Handwriting' doesn't do it for me though.

nexqunyx said on Sep. 18 '08

Thank you all! Yeah like I said...the client chose this type, not me. I don't like it either. I'll try to persuade them to consider a different type. I'll see what I can do:) Cheers!

seppl said on Sep. 19 '08

Have you tried swapping the lilac and the purple?

neogrey said on Sep. 19 '08

I hear you about the typeface issue, the clients are just like that. But as for the logo - it seems a bit busy to me, you can try limit the bottles to 7 instead of 9, and ...make the bottle silhouette to look more like bottle silhouette - smoother, maybe.

jessicacrawford said on Sep. 19 '08

Lucida Handwriting? Ah, why would the client choose that? It just doesn't work with this logo. It's obviously not your fault though. I hope you can change their mind to something a little more professional. The rest of the design is pure genius though!

TECHNEO said on Sep. 19 '08

<<'Lucida Handwriting' doesn't do it for me though.>>


but also, clients 'ask' for consessions... unfortunatly.

webcore said on Sep. 19 '08

Great work.

I'd present my own version personally. Clients have a tendancy to ruin great design. The mark shines. All this needs is a good basic sans font.

ricecakes said on Sep. 20 '08

this is really beautiful.

mhdesign said on Sep. 21 '08

I agree with you about the font. Everything else if fantastic!

teletizzle said on Sep. 22 '08

Great concept. I wonder how it would look with 7 bottles instead of 9

CreationNation said on Sep. 22 '08

The first word that came to my mind (before seeing others use it here as well) is - brilliant!

nexqunyx said on Sep. 22 '08

Thank you all for your feedback:) I have updated the image- this is now the final version. Cheers!

gthobbs said on Sep. 22 '08

Final version but I still have a few issues:
1. The tiny fragments of red points at the top corners of the glass
2. Wine Store is not centered
3. Word spacing after "The" is way too loose
4. The glass stem seems a little off center to the right

Looks good.

nexqunyx said on Sep. 22 '08

@gthobbs- thanks for noticing! I think everything you pointed out needs tweaking. Although this is the final version, I have not sent the final files to the client. Thanks for your detailed evaluation:) I appreciate it. Cheers!

Farmill said on Sep. 24 '08

Love the new font, what is it?

huyendesigner said on Sep. 27 '08

love image U design but i think the size of "wine store" is small. If it bigger, may be it better.

ray2008 said on Sep. 28 '08

that was a pro design i love everything on it thank u

leoramires said on Sep. 30 '08

congratulations man!

siah-design said on Oct. 01 '08

Whoa, this I didn't know this logo was made by PATRICK as in my friend Patrick. :) Awesome work bud.

grifter730 said on Oct. 07 '08

What do you guys mean by "mark" when you say "brilliant mark"? Is "mark" another word for "logo"?

kokolynee said on Oct. 15 '08

Love the type, LOVE the concept, what a cool idea. Colors are great too. I'd give this an 8/10!

TKhoury said on Oct. 26 '08

cool :)

f_m_lil said on Nov. 04 '08

absolutely love it!

douramec said on Jan. 06 '09

Very good! Very imaginative

jsml said on Sep. 02 '09

so creative.

gizm0 said on Oct. 03 '09

very nice colors. good work!

nexqunyx said on Oct. 05 '09


Lansing Web said on Dec. 28 '09

The wife loves this one... Very cool wine related logo!

logopunk said on May. 09 '10

I like it, there is a tiny line under the glass, and I think it would look better if tat wasn't there. Also a sans serif typeface would set if off perfectly (Gotham Bold?)

JoePrince said on Oct. 01 '10

The spamming is out of control, really getting annoying to see day after day. There has to be a solution to stop it. David??

Pierro said on Oct. 01 '10

^I agree, this is very dangerous for these people to the site to the grotesque.

ClimaxDesigns said on Jan. 11 '13

What do you want me to say, I have a ton of anti spam measures in place and a bunch of people helping to contain it, Its real people people signing up and then mass spamming, I have validate email set up for sign in and I'm pattern matching the comments as they go in out, I'm not sure how to stop it, I could delete all in active accounts, but Ive done that before and gotten burned when a user comes back a year later and is like 'where is my account'?

I'm honestly trying to fight the issue, just don't know what else I can do, I've shut down the ability for people to put links in the comments so they don't even get to link bait, but they still spam. I'm just as frustrated about it as you all are. I can't open up the flag spam any higher for everyone to the point where one person can mark as spam every comment from a singular user, because not everyone would play by the honor system, i'm at my wits end this this crap.

downwithdesign said on Jan. 11 '13

Hi David,

Couldn't you ban all comments that contain http:// or www?

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