by Type08 • Uploaded: Aug. 29 '08
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Description: Made something special for my Logo Pond post number 50! Logo idea for identities, books, festivals, events, websites, anything connected to that divine product. Featured on many logo design websites.

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gthobbs said on Aug. 29 '08

I'd put a subtle bottom on the Y glass. Love the typo.

Type08 said on Aug. 29 '08

It's all custom made. You know why I didn't put the bottom? Because this could be applied vertically (label, flag) and then it would look a little bit strange and un
unbalanced... I think that the glass in the Y is pretty much obvious... Thanks for the comments Glen!

Type08 said on Aug. 30 '08

Thank you for the gallery adding! I've finally made the '6 percent' crowd! :))

Type08 said on Aug. 30 '08

Ha, ha, thank you Jon... Or Brad? ;)

tdf said on Aug. 30 '08

The W kind of looks like a butt ;)

Houston-we said on Aug. 30 '08

i love it.

firebrand said on Aug. 31 '08

Excellent type logo.

Type08 said on Aug. 31 '08

Thank you people! I appreciate it!

AlexWende said on Sep. 01 '08

reminds me a little bit of my personal logo, but better executed legibility (damn why didn't me think of that)..!! well done Type08 :)

Type08 said on Sep. 01 '08

:))) Thank you Alex... Why didn't I think of your 'Black Sparrow' ;) Good stuff...

irdesign said on Sep. 03 '08

very nice :)

people search said on Sep. 03 '08

Class...Very Today...and Different.

Type08 said on Sep. 03 '08

Thank you guys! I really love the possibilities of using this!

camila_garay said on Sep. 05 '08

love the type dude

Type08 said on Sep. 05 '08

Thanks Camila!

gutecharlotte said on Sep. 05 '08

is this a "selfmade font"?
in love with it!

Type08 said on Sep. 05 '08

Yes, this is custom made... Thanks Charlotte!

neogrey said on Sep. 09 '08

can't escape the image of boobs in that W :) great job, of course!

Type08 said on Sep. 09 '08

When people get drunk they see stuff! :))) Thanks!

shin said on Sep. 15 '08

hahaha boobs and butts.
nice simple approach.. how will it survive when it's scaled down?
i mean it's very thin and have a very low or short x-height

Type08 said on Sep. 15 '08

Don't you worry Shin, everything is under control ;)

bashijosh said on Sep. 23 '08

One of my favorites.

Type08 said on Sep. 23 '08

Nice to hear that Joshua! Thank you!

erzio said on Nov. 27 '08



very very nice

davidairey said on Nov. 27 '08

I'll drink to that. :)

Type08 said on Nov. 27 '08

Erzio and David, thanks a lot! I just got a very nice bottle of Merlot yesterday so let's uncork it! :) Cheers!

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