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Description: personal logo project.

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robgrinn said on Aug. 17 '08

I really like it logomotive. But really think we should be a little bit humble when commenting on other people's work... (http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/30191)

logomotive said: "I'm with you a_Lanevski For what it's worth I first thought of you and YOUR logo. I mean how many people would come up with that idea????"

...resemblances will always be there, as none of us discovered the ink.

Anyway, good work.

logomotive said on Aug. 17 '08

Thanks Rob, I am usually humble but different concepts here and there?... well feel they are the exactly same concept.

daleharris said on Aug. 17 '08


robgrinn said on Aug. 17 '08

I understand, you might be right. Besides that in this case it's a totally different use for the logo, I like yours better ;)
Keep it with the good stuff!

logomotive said on Aug. 17 '08

all cool Rob, I'm pretty easy going really. no hard feelings. just have my opinions as you do. :-)

logomotive said on Aug. 17 '08

Thanks Dale.

Matheus said on Aug. 17 '08

well, what can I say, as expected from logomotive. awesome

hindmarshdesign said on Aug. 17 '08

The fingers on the hand are really nicely drawn but the little finger seems a bit to squat and pointy compared to the rest. Love the thumb :)

davidairey said on Aug. 18 '08

Interesting discussion.

A little off-topic, I wonder how much time on average logo designers spend on personal logo projects.

For me, I have very little time, but would like to make more.

jguay said on Aug. 18 '08

@dache - true, those are also hands formed using negative space, but this logo also creates the C for 'catch'. something that the 'Children's' logo didn't seem to pick up on...

dache said on Aug. 18 '08

@jguay, indeed it is a relatively smart solution, but is a 90 degree rotation enough to make the concept unique?

logomotive said on Aug. 18 '08

dache, kind of funny you pointed these out. In fact I designed one for High 5 Promotions with a hand over 12 years ago which was before both of these I believe. Maybe they got the idea from me.

Thanks guys, did not mean to cause any arguments.

nido said on Aug. 18 '08

subliminally.. you got this from me!...



logomotive said on Aug. 18 '08

NO I went right to your showcase and stole it :-)

nido said on Aug. 18 '08

good for you buddy :D

logomotive said on Aug. 18 '08

ha ha he's too busy bloggin about logos.

msl said on Aug. 18 '08

cool and clean

d:co said on Aug. 18 '08

cool! i like it!


OcularInk said on Aug. 19 '08

It's a great design, Mike...but I kind of agree with dache on this one. It just doesn't feel unique enough to be in your showcase. Ya know? I was also reminded of Roy's:


Roy took the concept a step further by using a frog foot, so it's a stronger and more unique solution. Ya know what I'm sayin, dude?

logomotive said on Aug. 19 '08

Oc if thats true then Roy copied and idea from so and so (but he really did not)who took that idea from so and so and put a hand in some shape like so and so and there are WAY more so and so's than this. lets start looking at all the hand logos out there or better lets start looking at similar geometrical shapes.Don't agree 100% but see some points. this just represented a Catch 5 I'd be willing to bet money that if one looked hard enough we can find a hand in a circle that was done a long long time ago.

logomotive said on Aug. 19 '08

It's all good guys, like I said this was just for me so no client will get the "shock" factor.

logomotive said on Aug. 19 '08

Boy could that be one RICH caveman. GREAT find smartinup, thats what I'm talking about. :-)

firebrand said on Aug. 19 '08

A hearty debate going on here. Didn't even occur to me that it looked like the polka logo. I would think every letter in the alphabet has it's counter used in some way or another.

BTW I copied the Logopond logo ;)

siah-design said on Aug. 19 '08


el_chavo said on Aug. 19 '08

dache is right, but is not the same thing.

rick! said on Aug. 20 '08

great logo logomotive, use hands like a symbol says a lot of things. good job

davidairey said on Aug. 20 '08

"Let us take some of that work off your plate :D"

@ cd: That's been on my mind for a while now.

"ha ha he's too busy bloggin about logos."

@ Mike: It does take quite some time, you're right there. The actual blog posts are just an hour or two every three or four days, but responding to comments takes the same, if not longer.

muhanadhachem said on Aug. 20 '08

Nice, i like it, and using the hand and make it look like a C is great on this logo.

good job

OcularInk said on Aug. 20 '08

I'd just like to say, ever since the internet, our job as logo designers has become more difficult. Ever since Logopond ( and other new logo sites popping up rapidly), our job has become even more difficult. With so many people around the globe becoming more and more interested in logo design, if a similar logo exists, it's going to be pointed out. We now have to work much harder to create unique and original designs for the client. One can find anything on the internet. I mean...anything! I think smartinup has made that perfectly clear. ;-) While I understand your concept is different because the hand and arm form the 'C', the design is far too similar to other designs out there. There is even another similar design in the Logopond "get a favicon spot". Okay, enough with my rant. :-P I know this was just a personal project, so it really doesn't matter. You still kick a$$ in my book.

logomotive said on Aug. 20 '08

I think I'm going to trademark it now guys I know there EVERYWHERE! thanks for the helping hands.

logomotive said on Aug. 20 '08

now lets see how many eye logos we can find ;_0

people search said on Aug. 20 '08

Very nice...I'm filling this one

daleharris said on Aug. 20 '08

Here is part of a post that Jerry Kuyper made at Brand New. I think it is quite relevant.

__"I heard Milton Glaser make a relevant point in a lecture. To loosely paraphrase what he said %u2013 if I could ever bring a solution to a client that was unlike anything anyone had ever seen before, they would have no reaction, positive or negative. It is the association to past experiences that people connect with.

Logolounge.com now has over 97,000 logos in the archives. I would bet most have been created in the last 5 or 10 years.

I think if anyone is looking to see something "unlike anything anyone had ever seen before" in a logo on this or any site, they are setting themselves up for disappointment."__

logomotive said on Aug. 20 '08

Dale, nice post but somehow I don't think this is going to be the final word? just guessing?? :-) At least it DID get a reaction.

Thomas said on Aug. 21 '08

Simply brilliant, Mike.

trams said on Aug. 22 '08

Love this.

dikkers said on Aug. 26 '08

I like this one because it works on a few levels, 5 fingers, high 5, the C, all integrated together.

@Smartenup, haha, classic! Way to settle the debate.

brandcore said on Dec. 15 '08

i like it very good concept!
and yes sometimes..other ppl find the same concept and solution. Its preaty hard to control this "problem"
good job!

oski said on Oct. 03 '09

Quite extensive discussion out here :) and great logo.

sdesign said on Dec. 18 '09

simple and genius!

fourplus said on Jan. 27 '10

Love it!

logomotive said on Jan. 27 '10

Cheers guys and many thanks.

logopunk said on May. 07 '10

I really like it, I don't get the complaints that it's been done to death (it has) but I eat a lot of ice-cream because I like it, tourists flock to the same area because they like it.

All good logos have major similarities and trying to avoid them and create something obscure often results in a meaningless logo.

Catch 5 as a name lends itself too well for a concept such as this not be explored.

OcularInk said on May. 07 '10

"I think if anyone is looking to see something "unlike anything anyone had ever seen before" in a logo on this or any site, they are setting themselves up for disappointment."__"

Guess my job just got a whole lot easier than.

donjuandelacruz said on May. 11 '10

Wow!! another nice logo!!

Chad Sanderson said on Sep. 08 '10


levelb said on Sep. 08 '10

Natural breast enhancer! :-) I wish we could take the hand from your logo and b*itchslap spammers with it! Nice work though Logomotive!

Supamario said on Feb. 04 '16

ive only noticed now the brilliance of this logo, the name catch 5 the c the hand , five fingers in the negative space ahhhh logogasm lol

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